Captain Narom is a Blue Suns mercenary and commander of the base on Sanctum.

Narom's base sent out a false signal to mercantile freighters, enabling the Blue Suns to ambush the ships and steal their cargo.

After an ExoGeni research team discovered a Prothean artifact on Joab, they contacted Narom's commanding officer, Vido Santiago, requesting safe transportation. Narom agreed with Santiago's assessment that the artifact itself was far more valuable, and when the ExoGeni representative arrived to discuss the arrangement with Narom, Narom used the threat of torture obtain the location of the dig site, but was surprised when the representative folded under minimal pressure.

Eventually, Narom's operation is discovered by Cerberus Command, and a three-man team led by Commander Shepard attacks the base. Narom is killed in the ensuing battle.

Capabilities Edit


Captain Narom is armed with the M-76 Revenant.


Narom has strong shielding and armor, high health, and can use Tech Armor to restore his shields.

Tactics Edit

  • Narom comes with a group of Blue Suns, but not until the two YMIR Mechs have been neutralized. Move quickly to cover once the mechs are down, as Narom will come out firing.
  • Destroy the cover on his side of the room and fall back to prevent his buddies from flanking.
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