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Captain Vorhess is a batarian Blue Suns mercenary.

Vorhess, along with Sergeant Boortis, hijacked the MSV Strontium Mule. He is eventually killed during a firefight against Commander Shepard and the squad on the bridge of the ship.



Captain Vorhess is equipped with an M-15 Vindicator, and is very accurate with his weapon.


Captain Vorhess possesses a high level of health, strong shielding, and has access to the Tech Armor ability. Unlike most uniquely named enemies, he has no armor.


  • He's the helmetless batarian crouching at the far back from the entrance of the Strontium Mule's bridge surrounded by a couple of henchmen. He'll always stay as far back as possible, behind his men. The adversaries are widely spaced apart, occasionally moving from cover to cover while their entrenched companions provide covering fire, so you can do one of two things. One is to focus on him directly. Just hit him with Overload until his shields short out, then any biotic attack to ragdoll him around should make short work of him. Weapons fire also work.
  • Alternately, take out his goons first and leave him for last. They won't last against your team anyway.
  • There's a cover spot right in front of the door big enough for you and your squad. Use it in dealing with him and his henchmen.