Captain Vorleon is a salarian Eclipse Captain.

Vorleon is in charge of the men that seized a Eldfell-Ashland Energy refinery on the planet Helyme. He is eventually killed in the firefight when Commander Shepard with the squad arrives to liberate the refinery.

Capabilities Edit


Vorleon will attack with his M-9 Tempest and use tech attacks like Combat Drone and Incinerate.


Vorleon has strong shields and armor, but moderate health. He can regenerate his shields using Tech Armor.

Tactics Edit

  • Avoid the other Troopers that come out with him.
  • Keep in cover to avoid his Incinerate attack.
  • His combat drone should not be a concern, even on higher difficulties where he will frequently replace it, as it is very weak. A single burst from the M-15 Vindicator will kill it.
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