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Captain Vorleon is a salarian Eclipse Captain.

Vorleon is in charge of the men that seized a Eldfell-Ashland Energy refinery on the planet Helyme. He is eventually killed in the firefight when Commander Shepard with the squad arrives to liberate the refinery.



Vorleon will attack with his M-9 Tempest and use tech attacks like Combat Drone and Incinerate.


Vorleon has strong shields and armor, but moderate health. He can regenerate his shields using Tech Armor.


  • Avoid the other Troopers that come out with him.
  • Keep in cover to avoid his Incinerate attack.
  • His combat drone should not be a concern, even on higher difficulties where he will frequently replace it, as it is very weak. A single burst from the M-15 Vindicator will kill it.