Cartagena Station is a space station in the Nemean Abyss, and the closest the Abyss has to a beacon of civilisation. The station is frequently assaulted by pirates, who take hostages in order to effectively blackmail the local security force, Cartagena Patrol or "C-Pat", a clear analogue of C-Sec.

A notable bar on Cartagena Station is the Fringe, where Jacob Taylor goes at Derek Izunami's suggestion to meet his contact, Miranda Lawson. The Fringe is of similar size to the Citadel nightclub Flux, with a two storey layout and a bar.

When Jacob arrives at the Fringe, he discovers it is under attack by the pirate Clint "Black Eye" Darragh and his men. After talking his way past the C-Pat officers on guard outside, Jacob handles Black Eye's men, then Black Eye himself, either through a firefight or by convincing the pirate to surrender. Jacob is then greeted by Miranda, who had been watching the confrontation from the bar.

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  • Cartagena is a city located on the northern coast of Colombia. In colonial times when it was under Spanish control, Cartagena was constantly raided by English pirates. Francis Drake and John Hawkins were the most notorious among them.
  • Cartagena is also a Mediterranean city and naval station in the southeast of Spain. It is a walled town and with a harbour defended by forts. In the time of Philip II of Spain, it was a major naval seaport of Spain, and remains important to this day.
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