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The Cerberus Ajax Armor is a set of armor in Mass Effect 3, available as part of the Alternate Appearance Pack 1 downloadable content pack. It increases shields, weapon damage, power damage, and ammo capacity.

Description Edit

Among Cerberus soldiers, Ajax armor is favored by those brave or unlucky enough to lead charges to break enemy formations. Its role is to keep the wearer standing and shooting as long as possible. It offers some benefit to omni-tool and biotic amp systems, but its main emphasis is boosting and recharging its kinetic barrier and bleeding off weapon heat through coolant circulation in its gloves. Due to the high-risk tactics associated with the armor, the Alliance has captured very few suits in perfect condition.

Acquisition Edit

The armor is included in the Alternate Appearance Pack 1 downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 3.

Player Notes Edit

  • The Ajax Armor is ideally suited for players who want to combine extra shield resilience with the increased firepower that boosts to ammo-carrying capacity, weapon damage, and power damage can grant.
    • The N7 Defender Armor set is rendered mostly obsolete: whereas a 10% Health Boost is its only advantage, the Ajax offers equal or greater Ammo Capacity, Weapon Damage and Shields, along with granting Power Damage and Shield Regen Speed (which the N7 Defender Armor lacks).
    • Weapon-dependent classes may prefer Cerberus Nightmare Armor set and combinations with higher ammo bonuses if they eschew relying on powers in combat.
    • Power-dependent classes may prefer Cerberus Spirit Armor or Cerberus Shade Armor sets and combinations with higher shield bonuses if they eschew relying on weapons in combat.
    • The Cerberus Ajax Armor, Cerberus Nightmare Armor, Cerberus Shade Armor and Cerberus Spirit Armor armors sets. Their combined bonuses total 80%, while most full-body armors offer 60% bonuses, and individual armor pieces give a maximum of 65%.

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