Cerberus Anti-Tank infantry are employed by Cerberus to defend key installations and research facilities.

Cerberus Anti-Tanks are employed to defend the underground facility on Nepheron. Unlike other Cerberus forces, they are employed to defend the exterior of the Cerberus facility, rather than the interior.

Tactics Edit

Anti-Tanks are equipped with an assault rifle which has the ability to fire rockets by switching fire mode.[1] They are capable of destroying an enemy vehicle in just a few hits. Against infantry, they are just as capable because they can kill an enemy in just one or two hits. Taking down these enemies first should be a priority.

Despite their usage of Immunity and anti-tank weaponry, it is trivial to defeat them, simply point the Mako's main gun at them, and fire. Use the jump jets to get around their missiles and keep moving.

References Edit

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