Cerberus Commandos are highly trained shock troopers that are used by Cerberus to perform operations or defend locations.

Commandos are employed by Cerberus to defend key installations on Binthu and Nepheron that are conducting research on various organisms like Rachni Workers, Rachni Soldiers, and Thorian Creepers. Commandos are key parts of the defense of the installations.

Tactics Edit

  • Commandos are armed with assault rifles and shotguns and are deadly at close range. Commandos will typically not stay behind cover and will frequently charge to get around their enemy's cover, conducting sweeping attacks and flanking their enemies.
  • Cerberus Commandos boast relatively high health as well as shields. Powerful attacks and well-used cover are usually sufficient to weaken and ultimately neutralize these commandos.
  • Commandos are fairly accurate and come in groups, crowd control talents are useful in negating this. Alternatively, on Binthu, release the test subjects and the fight will devolve into a three way battle that can take the heat off of you.
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