Cerberus Daily News delivers daily news about the Mass Effect universe via the Cerberus Network. In universe, these news reports take place in 2185 CE. They are not given with headlines, but ones are provided here for easier navigation.

The following is an Archive of Cerberus Daily News reports from August of 2010. This archive is preceded by Cerberus Daily News - July 2010, and followed by Cerberus Daily News - September 2010.

August 2010 - Week OneEdit

08/01/2010 - Binary Helix Criticizes Sonax Over Suspected Chemical Weapons Use

“New statements by Binary Helix representatives regarding unusual ordnance on the planet Garvug are pointing to a lack of unity among the corporatist alliance. "Our corporation profits from robust alien ecosystems," said deputy oversight director Grigori Petrenko, criticizing Sonax for its use of what they speculate to be chemical warheads. "Dropping nerve gas is not only useless but counterproductive. The concentrations necessary to kill a krogan or vorcha will kill everything else downwind." Sonax supreme commander Lira Speight responded mere minutes later, denying the criticism was based in fact. "Petrenko was speaking hypothetically and quoted out of context. Chemical weapons are militarily and politically unfeasible, and so we aren't using them in our munitions," she said. "This isn't the 20th century."”

August 2010 - Week TwoEdit

08/02/2010 - Vid Exposes Mass Executions of Garvug Insurgent Sympathizers

“A controversial vid is making its way across the extranet, causing PR trouble for the corporatist forces on Garvug. The vid shows Sonax Industries soldiers executing nearly a dozen krogan, alleged guerilla sympathizers who defy their captors to literally their last breaths before they are pushed into a mass grave. When the vid first hit the extranet yesterday, Sonax's stock price dipped dramatically, but at this hour it seems to have recovered and even jumped up 0.4 credits per share. "What we're seeing here is a deeply disturbing trend," says senior news analyst Hannibal Brown. "Were this a vid of krogan killing humans, Systems Alliance politicians would be saber-rattling left and right. But the perception is that all krogan are warriors, or at least able to defend themselves. Their execution is being treated as the cost of doing business on Garvug."”

08/03/2010 - C-SEC Officer's Confrontation with Krogan Drug-Runner Becomes Extranet Hit

“Footage of an incredible confrontation made its way onto the extranet and attracted more than 225 million views almost overnight. The reluctant star of the latest extranet craze is human veteran C-SEC officer Tarmiel East, captured on a security camera during a dramatic confrontation with suspected krogan drug-runner Hunjon Sard. The routine stop quickly became a fight for survival in a knock-down, drag-out street brawl that East managed to win bare-handed. Details are sketchy, including how the video made it to the extranet, but C-SEC Commissioner Serjeck Hankiloran refused comment, saying only that the matter was under investigation.”

08/04/2010 - Asari Diamond "The Mother's Star" Blessed by Earth's Pope

“The Mother's Star, the largest natural gemstone-cut diamond in the galaxy, was blessed by Earth's Pope Leo XIV today. The Star weighs in at 2,105 carats and was found on the asari colony world of Sanves. The diamond is undergoing a galactic tour to be blessed by major religious leaders of Council space. Tomorrow it will be taken back to Thessia for the final leg of its journey. After an incantation by asari atamna (a collection of high priestesses), it will be placed in the crown jewel collection of the republic of Ulee.”

08/05/2010 - Fishermen and Marine Biologists Capture a Deinorostrum on Arvuna

“A team of fishermen and marine biologists on the Terminus Systems moon of Arvuna have successfully captured a deinorostrum, a carnivorous sea creature some 35 meters long. With an armored head and sharp beak, the deinorostrum resembles the prehistoric dinicthys fish of Earth, but on a scale similar to blue whales. It was herded into an offshore pen using sonic projectors, which are key in keeping the creature captive as few cage materials can actually hold it. The "deino" is the largest predatory sea creature ever captured on Arvuna; it measures as the fifth largest known in the galaxy, exceeded only by the megalosteus family of creatures on Trident.”

08/06/2010 - Binary Helix Ends Involvement With Corporatist Alliance on Garvug

“Tonight, a painful but non-literal blow was dealt to corporatist forces on Garvug: Binary Helix, one-third of the triumvirate of corporations fighting guerilla forces on that planet, is withdrawing their logistical support. "We laid out two strategies at our stockholder's meeting, and the voting made it clear which we would pursue," said spokesperson Othello Nash. "The time has come to end our involvement with partners that are not acting in good faith and to reinvest ourselves in more dynamic markets galaxy-wide." Asked for comment, Sonax Industries supreme commander Lira Speight responded, "Sonax's resolve will not waver. We are already reaping profit from this planet. If it is not coming fast enough for Binary Helix, then I'm sure Guanghui Solutions will enjoy taking their share."”

08/07/2010 - Body Modification Using Psyotics a Growing Trend Among Party-Goers

“Psyotics, the latest trend in body modification, is catching on outside the Illium club scene where it first began. This craze has adventurous revelers injecting specialized capsules under their skin that react to certain audio frequencies by lighting up. While the lights can be any color, the most common is a deep purple that mimics the glow of violet-shifted biotics. A single injection typically lasts for the evening, after which the capsules disintegrate. Dr. Frakus Mijier of the Nos Astra Medical Academy cautions party-goers on use of psyotics. "Any untested substance deposited into the bloodstream has side effects, and potentially dangerous ones," he warns. "There is no standardization for psyotics, so those capsules you get on the street could be made out of anything."”

08/08/2010 - Reconstruction of Signis Completed on Taetrus

“Reconstruction of the Signis, the Taetrian executive office building destroyed in the Vallum Blast, was completed today by the Hierarchy Corps of Engineers. Donations of wood, marble, and fabricator materials poured in from all over the galaxy to enable the famous building to stand again. The new building is an exact replica of the old, a move that lead engineer Naxus Ursinus said was expedient and an important political symbol. "On a practical level, we wanted to give the Primarch a place to work that wasn't out of a hotel room somewhere," she said, "More importantly, we are showing our enemies they have not changed us." Asked if the new building was hardened against megaton-scale blasts, she replied, "You can't stop an FTL craft with a stronger ceiling. Our first line of defense is the common citizens' awareness of what their neighbors are doing."”

August 2010 - Week ThreeEdit

08/09/2010 - Fashion Week Kicks Off on Illium

“Fashion Week kicked off on Illium today with a dazzling presentation by fashion icon Scarlet Jane, who wowed the crowd with a collection of intimates and casual wear influenced by quarian designs. "They are such an inspiration," Jane said. "They can take anything and give it their own flavor. They are a culture of innovation. I love them!" Braced for record numbers, Fashion Week culminates with the Luminary Gala sponsored by the weekly "Who's-Who" program. This year, the event will be hosted by Carson Noble, owner of the fashion magazine, "Noble."”

08/10/2010 - Holy Month of Ramadan Begins on Earth at Sunset

“Sunset tonight marks the beginning of the human holy month of Ramadan on Earth. Until the next moon, over 2.7 billion Earth humans and 2 million in the colonies will abstain from eating, drinking, or having sexual intercourse during daylight hours. Giving to the poor or feeding them while breaking fast in the evening is encouraged, along with praying and reading from a holy book. Humans in the colonies will base their fasting timetable off of visual sighting of the largest crescent moon; planets with no moons or extreme photoperiods follow Earth's timetable. Those who are travelling more than 64km are exempt from fasting but must make up the days later with fasting or buying the poor an evening meal -- humans in non-geosynchronous orbit are considered to be travelling at all times.”

08/11/2010 - Alien AI-Controlled Ship Makes Contact in Salarian Space

“Alarms rang throughout the salarian system of Antilin yesterday when an alien ship bearing a strong AI signature triggered fears of a geth attack. Renko Turwin, Director of Near-Orbital Security, explained: "When evidence of powerful AI heuristics was detected onboard, our security forces thought it was the vanguard of a geth invasion. However, we consulted quarian scientific advisors who assured us that the signals failed to match any known geth signature." According to Turwin, the biggest surprise came next: "The ship's intelligence then communicated with us. It asked us to calculate the value of Pi to the first quadrillion digits. Some 20 questions followed after that, all of them beyond our realm of expertise. We're currently awaiting advice from outside consultants before proceeding. As yet, the ship matches no known alien species."”

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08/12/2010 - Scarlet Jane No-Show at Luminary Gala After Spat

“A high-profile spat between fashion royalty Carson Noble and darling designer Scarlet Jane resulted in a Jane no-show at the Luminary Gala held last night. Noble was caught on video by an audience member, commenting on Jane's collection. "Since when are we getting ideas from that gypsy race? What's next, vorcha cuisine at the buffet?" Noble denies the statement and has refused to apologize. Meanwhile, a small group of quarian protestors have picketed Friday's event. Scarlet Jane could not be reached for comment, but her publicist released a statement noting that her client "could not attend the event in good conscience."”

08/13/2010 - Nashan Stellar Dynamics Unveils the 2186 Whip Aircar

Nashan Stellar Dynamics has finally unveiled the 2186 Whip, the spaceship designer's much-anticipated first entry into the aircar market. Nashan's press release calls the Whip, which was in development for nearly 5 years, "the most intensively designed aircar ever to hit the market." Features include phased kinetic barriers to cushion crashes, autofoam dispensers, power lumbar support seats, a pressurized cabin, and engine sealants for amphibious travel. The sticker shock will only be the good kind: 29,599 credits will get you a fully loaded ride.”

08/14/2010 - Illium Businesswoman Micah Envy Interviewed Tonight on "Luminary"

“Tonight on "Luminary": Homeless street rat, adventurer, mercenary, actress, head of a multi-billion-credit media giant and everything in between, Micah Envy has done it all. Known for her candid interviews, avant-garde fashion, and business brilliance, she continues to be a force of nature. Tonight she speaks out about her charity work for the planet of Belan, becoming a first-time mother at 63, and how to make a thermal clip using only an omni-tool and parts from a junked security mech. Tune in tonight for an in-depth portrait of Illium's brightest "Luminary!"”

08/15/2010 - Breakthrough in Communication with Antilin "Ghost Ship"

“A breakthrough today in the case of the mysterious "ghost ship" in the Antilin System: Famed exo-biologist Jordan Detweiler from MIT's Extraterrestrial Studies Group traveled to the ship, now held in quarantine. Detweiler engaged the ship's AI system, which has been piloting the craft for an undetermined number of years and appears to be the sole sentient lifeform onboard. Given previous failed communication attempts, Detweiler explained how he succeeded: "In rudimentary terms, it was an I.Q. test. The ship's AI was determining that we weren't some band of dullard space pirates, that we understood things like quantum string theory, emergent systems, and a host of other advanced concepts. I was able to satisfy its demands and gain access to the interior. I need to do more analysis, but I think this is the exo-archaeological find of the century. I will say that the ship appears to be at least 8,000 years old."”

August 2010 - Week FourEdit

08/16/2010 - Corporatist General Found Dead on Garvug

“A corporatist army general is dead on Garvug tonight, and authorities consider the circumstances suspicious. Noah Vardos, a 61-year-old brigadier general, died of a gunshot wound to the head at Hanarsh Army Base in Dhazil. A base-wide alert sounded when the body was discovered but was cancelled a short time later. Vardos served in the Sonax Industries army and was known to be a close friend of supreme commander Lira Speight. Speight herself answered few questions about the incident, saying only that his position will be filled by Colonel Oleg Horvat. General Vardos is survived by his three children.”

08/17/2010 - No Security Procedure Inquiry After Garvug General Death

“New information in the death of Brigadier General Noah Vardos has raised more questions than answers. Colonel Richard Hawke, overseeing security at the Hanarsh base where the general died from a gunshot wound, said that no inquiry into security procedures is planned at this time. No suspect leads are reported, and GBC News has acquired an e-memo sent out to all senior base personnel warning of strict consequences if any personnel talked to the press.”

08/18/2010 - GBC News Acquires Copy of Garvug General Suicide Note

“In a galactic exclusive, GBC News has acquired a copy of the suicide note of General Noah Vardos, who died earlier this week from what is now believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The three-page note jumped from topic to topic with the general blaming himself for pursuing but not catching three krogan who escaped off-planet and who are now believed to have perpetrated the warp bomb attack on Sonax command. Vardos described the worsening situation on the planet as a "Charlie Foxtrot," and took responsibility for the men and women he had "gotten killed for half a credit a share." Sonax Industries has not commented on the suicide note.”

08/19/2010 - MIT Exo-Biologist Claims Astonishing Antilin "Ghost Ship" Discovery

“The scientific community is abuzz today after the latest report from MIT exo-biologist Jordan Detweiler was filed last night from the Antilin System, where he's currently investigating a mysterious "ghost ship." Claiming a breakthrough, Detweiler writes, "What I've discovered is nothing short of astonishing: This so-called derelict ship isn't derelict at all. It appears that an alien race has downloaded its consciousness to a massive array of quantum computers onboard the vessel. It's my belief these aliens now reside entirely in a virtual world and have been there for at least 8,000 years." Detweiler estimates the population of the virtual world numbers close to one billion individuals. He explains: "The ship's AI is something of a caretaker to these people, or even a god depending on how you look at it. More importantly, the AI is now requesting our help. It says a power failure is imminent and threatens the entire virtual civilization."”

08/20/2010 - General Partinax Declares End of Major Combat Ops on Taetrus

“In a long-awaited announcement today on Taetrus, General Partinax declared the end of major combat operations in the Diluvian Wildlands. "We are grateful to the brave men and women who got us this far," he said, "and we now call on the people to contribute to the great task ahead." Public works projects employing the formerly captive population in the reconstruction effort are scheduled to begin at the end of the month, an effort that is expected to dwarf the cost of combat operations. This does not, however, mean that the entire army will be pulling out -- more than ninety percent of the colonialist fighting force is scheduled to remain in-country until the end of the year to provide security, while the remainder of the units will be rotated out to give troops time off.”

08/21/2010 - Opinions Mixed After Discovery of "Ghost Ship" Virtual Civilization

“Opinions were plentiful this week after MIT's Jordan Detweiler stunned the scientific world when he revealed the existence of a virtual alien civilization residing in a derelict "ghost ship". Niran Patalung, a Buddhist scholar at the Center for Religious Studies in Bangkok, said, "I'm struck by the parallels to ancient human beliefs in reincarnation. Clearly, life does not end for these aliens when they 'die.' Their souls, if you will, simply re-inhabit other virtual personalities and continue living." Thomas Copeland, spokesman for an Earth-based atheist group, disagreed: "That's true until you pull the plug. Then what? All these 'souls' just wink out, that's what. Those who would latch onto this incident as proof of some higher level of existence are simply projecting their own wishful thinking onto digital noise." Mr. Patalung replied: "One man's noise is another man's music. Perhaps in his next life, Mr. Copeland will be less tone-deaf."”

08/22/2010 - Plastic Surgeon Arrested on Earth for Murdering Asari Patients

“Local police on Earth have arrested plastic surgeon Erzsebet Vidmar for the gruesome murder of over thirty asari who frequented her clinic. Dubbed "Vidmar the Vampire" by the popular press, Vidmar allegedly killed her victims for their telomerase, a substance essential to slowing the aging process. Vidmar is allegedly obsessed with the asari extended lifespan and has attempted to purchase telomerase in the past as part of a plan to engineer her own tissues. Officials were quick to point out that the science behind her methods was shoddy. "You can't just inject telomerase and expect a fountain of youth," said Dr. Antonin Esposito, who reviewed her work for the police. "If it were that simple, Dr. Vidmar would look a lot better than she does."”

August 2010 - Week FiveEdit

08/23/2010 - Fallout Continues for Carson Noble over Fashion Week Comments

“The fallout continues for beleaguered editor Carson Noble regarding comments he made during an Illium Fashion Week presentation of quarian-inspired clothing. A series of extranet vids, taken at public media events and dating back almost six years, has recently surfaced. The vids feature Noble making a variety of racially charged statements. This has prompted a call for his resignation as contributing member of the Fashion Media Collective (FMC), adding to the list of legal actions over cancelled public events amidst the controversy. Lawyers for Mr. Noble have made no comment other than stating he is "on vacation with his family and cannot be reached at this time." Noble himself has not consented to any interviews since the story broke several weeks ago.”

08/24/2010 - Galaxy Remains Riveted to Ongoing "Ghost Ship" Saga

“The galaxy remains riveted to the ongoing saga of the AI-driven "ghost ship," now in danger of perishing because of dwindling energy reserves. Evolutionary biologists have jumped into the fray, with one claiming the extinction of the virtual alien race is the natural order of things. "Face it," turian scientist Elgus Paramon argued, "these aliens were clever, but they weren't clever enough to build a better battery. Their lack of foresight is a failure to adapt to changing conditions. Their species represents an evolutionary dead-end, and their civilization should be allowed to perish." Responding, the chief exo-biologist investigating the ship, Jordan Detweiler, said "Mr. Paramon would have us commit genocide by turning a blind eye to the situation. We can save this civilization. The power requirements to preserve their virtual world are manageable." The matter is now being referred to the Citadel Council for further consideration.”

08/25/2010 - No Decision Yet Reached in "Ghost Ship" Case

“With time running out, no decision has yet been reached in the case of the alien "ghost ship" found drifting in salarian space. Exo-biologist Jordan Detweiler estimates the energy reserves currently powering the virtual alien world are down to 4% and will fail soon. Meanwhile, opportunistic explorers boarded the ship last night and managed to hack into the virtual civilization. Before they were caught, the hackers spent six hours interfaced with the ship's computers. In that relatively short period of time, it appears that some 180 years passed within the virtual world. Both hackers are currently in deep comas and doctors are unsure as to their recovery. "The interface was too much for their systems to absorb. Trying to re-connect their minds to their bodies after being "away" for so long mentally was too large a shock. Physically they're fine, but I'd wager scrambled eggs have more consciousness."”

08/26/2010 - Aish Ashland Marries Singer Jenellen Lepp on Illium

“By the time we heard the bells, it was almost over: socialite Aish Ashland and singer Jenellen Lepp got married yesterday at midnight in a secret ceremony in Nos Astra. "Me and Jel only met three months ago," Aish said, "but when he proposed I decided to get married right away so we could have a honeymoon during the conjunction on Illium. Our horoscopes there are totally charged! We'll have a family wedding once Jel's Red Sand Scratch clears up." Ashland's probation officer had only this to say of the nuptials: "She left the state. She's in violation."”

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08/27/2010 - Alien "Ghost Ship" Saga Ends Under Veil of Secrecy

“The saga of the alien "ghost ship" has come to a surprising end. Earlier today, reports surfaced that the Citadel Council was prepared to rule against saving the ship, fearing its AI system was sophisticated enough to pose a "security threat of unknown dimensions." In response, chief scientist Jordan Detweiler inserted himself into the virtual alien world to warn its citizens of their civilization's imminent end. He returned one minute later -- apparently equal to half a year within the accelerated timeline of the alien world -- bringing a treaty offer from its inhabitants. At that point, details turn sketchy. One inside source claims the virtual aliens offered scientific advancements "far beyond anything we have" in return for assistance. A veil of secrecy was immediately erected, with Citadel intelligence agencies classifying the matter as top-secret. Rumors now have Jordan Detweiler embarking on a Council-sanctioned mission into the virtual world to make diplomatic contact.”

08/28/2010 - Hanar Religious Holiday of Nyahir Begins on Kahje

“Today marks the beginning of the religious holiday of Nyahir or "First Cresting Bloom" on the hanar homeworld of Kahje. Lasting a full thirteen days, this celebration honors the gift of speech that many hanar attribute to the Protheans, known on Kahje as "The Enkindlers". The celebration is a mixture of contemplation and competition as the faithful perform stylized debates, poetry duels, and other traditional hanar art forms. Winners' names are inscribed in bioluminescence for a year on the sides of Mount Vassla, an underwater volcano at the heart of one of the oldest Prothean ruins on Kahje.”

08/29/2010 - Visionary Turian CEO Exposed As a Fake

“He started one of Nos Astra's hottest companies. His vision landed him on magazine covers. His parties were legendary -- and he was a fake. Delumcore Systems CEO Jaxum Borlin is actually Rolan Quarn, a turian from Erinle who met Borlin on vacation. When Borlin died from a heart attack a week into his holiday, Quarn boldly lifted the CEO's passport, sampled his genetic material, and passed himself off as a tanned Borlin. Even close friends simply thought that Borlin seemed "energized" and "eager to get back to work." Despite a lack of credentials, Quarn successfully ran Delumcore for two years before a routine traffic stop took a fresh tissue sample and caught the discrepancy in his geneprint. Quarn is being held on charges of fraud and impersonation, and goes to trial tomorrow.”

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August 2010 - Week SixEdit

08/30/2010 - Turian Impersonator Linked to Dozens of Other Identities

“A new wrinkle in the trial of Rolan Quarn, the turian who masqueraded as the CEO of Delumcore Systems: passing himself off as Jaxum Borlin isn't the first time he's stepped into someone else's life. Quarn has impersonated dozens of other people including a stunt driver, sous-chef, martial arts instructor, ambassador, varren tamer, news anchor, and stand-up comedian. Nos Astran police chief Sonja Treme stated that Quarn is being "cooperative" and that "he was living off of what he made once he joined Delumcore. Borlin's personal accounts haven't been touched."”

08/31/2010 - Nos Astra Police on Manhunt for Escaped Turian Impersonator

“Nos Astra police are on a manhunt this evening for Rolan Quarn, who slipped his tracking bracelet and led police on a two-hour chase before disappearing. Before he left, the turian recorded a message to the employees of Delumcore Systems, thanking many of them by name and giving advice for the company's future. Quarn ended by saying "Sorry about the bail. I wish everyone the best. I've never been prouder of the people I've worked with, and that's saying something." Authorities believe Quarn will be attempting to book a passage off-system.”

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