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Cerberus Daily News delivers daily news about the Mass Effect universe via the Cerberus Network. In universe, these news reports take place in 2185 CE. They are not given with headlines, but ones are provided here for easier navigation.

The following is an Archive of Cerberus Daily News reports from July of 2010. This archive is preceded by Cerberus Daily News - June 2010, and followed by Cerberus Daily News - August 2010.


July 2010 - Week One

07/01/2010 - "Nekyia Corridor" Breaks First-Day Release Records

“The wait is finally over: "Nekyia Corridor" opened at midnight last night to throngs of camped-out fans. The 5.3 billion-credit juggernaut broke first-day release records, sucking up 2.97 billion credits in 20 (Citadel standard) hours. "At its core, the sim's about falling in love, losing that love, and trying to get it back", says director Morgan Bierster. "It just takes place in one of the most dangerous parts of space where ancient asari once believed the souls of the dead went". Turian reviewers have called the FTL-impact scene "haunting" in light of the Vallum Blast, one saying "being in the body of the pilot is gut-wrenching; the cut-away leaves everything to the imagination and is just the right move". Human reviews were mixed, one saying, "it harbors the vain hope that the viewer will turn his brain off while [the movie] at the same time bends over backwards to stimulate it... the result is adrenaline-charged, but emotionally exhausting".”

07/02/2010 - Productivity Across Citadel Space Hit by "Nekyia Flu"

“Productivity is taking a hit across Citadel space as the so-called "Nekyia flu" spreads. "My company gave us the afternoon off", says Birili T'Lannas, a Thessian fan of the space epic. "Half of us were dead tired after camping out last night, and the other half didn't come in today, so they gave up". The sim is also proving popular on salarian worlds: "Some friends went last night, and they won't stop quoting it", said Ijib Tar, a custodian at Mannovai's Itarus University. "It's showing on all the simtables at our local theater, so the lineups won't be bad". Even rear echelon soldiers on Garvug are getting a taste. "They've earned a break", said Captain Andre Closson of Sonax Industries. "Some of our troops have been waiting for this sim longer than they've been enlisted. It reminds people there's a bigger galaxy waiting for us. We screen it one hour at a time, though, on account of its length".”

07/03/2010 - Reviews Continue to Pour in for "Nekyia Corridor"

“The reviews continue to pour in for "Nekyia Corridor", some offended, but most overawed. "A simulstim that can impress both human and asari audiences is hard enough", says columnist Gara Sator of, "but Bierster has the insane dream of going after the whole galaxy. From the reaction I saw among salarian audiences, he might just get it". Meanwhile, Lucy Tannenbaum of says, "The adventures of the protagonists are so jaw-droppingly extreme that they would be called unbelieveable in a holo, except that you know that this is a sim, and some crazy mother[expletive] actually had to do it. Before the shock wears off, you're willing to believe any hoo-ha the script throws at you".”

07/04/2010 - "Nekyia Corridor" Breaks Three Single-Day Take Records

“Box office receipts are in, and audiences went to hell and back for the sexy movie with the unsexy name. "Nekyia Corridor" demolished four-day records, scooping up a tidy 302 million extra credits from its Earth audiences in North America, who had a three-day weekend due to a political holiday. "Nekyia" broke three records for single-day takes and capped the Thursday-Monday streak off at a whopping 13.3 billion credits. Asked if there was any way to increase the hit's profits, director Morgan Bierster said, "I guess we could build more theaters". Meanwhile, back among mortals, the comedy anthology "Gagged" scooped up 677 million credits. Says producer Scott Hayson, "Yeah, we brought in a pretty big audience ourselves...during Nekyia's intermission".”

July 2010 - Week Two

07/05/2010 - Meteor Strike Delays Construction of Susskind Supercollider

“A meteor strike has delayed the construction of the Susskind Supercollider, a particle accelerator being constructed in Trikalon's orbit. The Susskind is a type of collider called a fermitron and is a centuries-old asari venture now funded, named, and built by humans. It's believed a fermitron hasn't been constructed since the time of the Protheans. Formerly scheduled to come online in September (Earth Standard), the new damage will prolong construction until 2186. When completed, the Susskind collider will be 13,508 kilometers in circumference and will encircle Trikalon completely. The Susskind is the largest artificial satellite ever to have human workers and will be the galaxy's largest building in terms of square meters, surpassing the volus' hotel-filled Mall of Quanaha.”

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07/06/2010 - Containment of Vital Information More Difficult Than Ever

“The struggle to contain vital information is a key part of any war, but today it's more difficult than ever. Citizen reporters, aided by cheap, concealable technology such as camera-clothing and micro-surveillance can easily cross the line from witness to antiwar activist or spy. "We feed the major media outlets satisfying, nonvital info", said Lieutenant Colonel Sanex Irvinus. "In return, they tend to stay professional. It's more difficult when a noncombatant plants a microbug on a person or vehicle. Their data goes straight to the antiwar media, and minutes later, the mainstream echoes it. You wouldn't believe the counter-surveillance methods we've had to use". Activist groups like TruthHax say the trend won't go away. "Intelligence services and media conglomorates pay for info, and activists just do it because it's right", said one unnamed source. "If you could stop a war with information, if you could kill its support without driving up the cost in lives, wouldn't you be obliged to try?"”

07/07/2010 - Video of IED Explosion on Taetrus Garners Millions of Hits

“A dashboard-camera video of an improvised explosive device that toppled an infantry fighting vehicle on Taetrus has garnered over 560 million extranet hits. Five servicemen were riding in a C77 Tyrus vehicle when the explosive, buried in the center of the road, went off. The bomb, made from two artillery shells and a detonator, threw the 13-ton vehicle into the air but failed to pierce its kinetic barriers and armor. The crew escaped with minor injuries and used the Tyrus' eezo core to lower its mass and right the vehicle with the aid of a tow cable and an aircar. Asked about the crew's hospital stay, Corporal Siyan replied, "We're resting, eating, and buying stock in Armax," referring to the vehicle's manufacturer.”



07/09/2010 - Analysts Speculate on Origin of Facinus Propaganda Video

“A viral extranet video containing an embedded virus has analysts wondering if Taetrian separatist group Facinus is to blame or whether the culprit is Hierarchy intelligence and psychological operations teams. "Propaganda has come a long way since the days of the leaflet and Axis Sally," says Taylor Joyce, former Alliance psyops specialist. "When it comes to the extranet, black propaganda, posing as the enemy to put words in their mouths is the order of the day. The Hierarchy wants separatists associated with viruses and spam -- things you ignore and delete -- rather than rational beings with an alternate point of view." Former Hierarchy agent Gradius Iherax is confident the virus is Facinus' work. "Any black-prop operation must be performed with a backup plan for when, not if, the truth comes out. If the Hierarchy did this, the loss to their honor and credibility would be tremendous. The op would never get approved."”

07/10/2010 - Diluvian Citizens Surrender En Masse to Hierarchy Forces

“The rate at which Diluvian citizens are capitulating to invading Hierarchy forces is amazing to some observers, but not so to psychological specialists such as Lilira Sycoram. "Inasmuch as one can speak of species-wide cultural trends with any accuracy, turian society is set up to take military orders for communal action. You have an entire population that understands the costs and methods of war. When it becomes clear that the ideological center of a movement is beaten, once the 'center of gravity' goes, turians readily switch their allegiances to the larger, successful community -- in this case the Hierarchy. This tends to happen only in turian-on-turian conflicts, but when it does, it spares both sides the long, bloody guerrilla wars seen so often in many other species' history."”

07/11/2010 - Weekend Download Charts Dominated by "Nekyia Corridor"

“There were no surprises on the download charts this weekend: "Nekyia Corridor" is on its way to becoming the highest-grossing sim ever. The long-awaited actioner charmed another 9.1 billion out of audiences galaxy-wide, passing the asari classic "Confederates" in adjusted credits. "It's absolutely unreal to be at the center of something this big," says director Morgan Bierster. "I can only say thank you to the fans for giving me my own Hollywood ending. I thought I was going to have to sell shoes for a living when this was done." In the giant's shadow, low-budget holo horror "The Phage 2" scooped up 653 million credits by squeezing scares out of a sentient salarian biowarfare project that dissolves people outright.”

July 2010 - Week Three

07/12/2010 - Asari Pop Queen Starts New Celebrity Charity Trend

“A-listers are following the queen of asari pop in the latest charity trend: adopting turian children displaced by the Vallum Blast and subsequent war on Taetrus. Between reinventing herself, music genres, and everything else, Arah T'Hass adopted four children orphaned in the blast. Megastar Delilah Jordan followed suit by adopting a pair of twin boys, and recently, Columbia Rios and her husband took in a whole family of refugees. Said T'Hass, "I hope it does catch on! There's so much suffering on Taetrus right now. It felt like the only moral thing to do. And having one dextro kitchen and one levo kitchen is totally not as hard as people make it out to be." Asked for her opinion on the violence of the war, T'Hass replied, "The turians have their way of dealing with it. I have mine."”

07/13/2010 - Eupulmos Device Helping Victims of Respiratory Diseases

“A new technology is helping victims of the Vallum Blast breathe easier -- literally. Researchers at U. Thierax are attacking the myriad of respiratory diseases caused by inhaling dust around the blast site. Dubbed "medi-gel for the lungs," the Eupulmos Device analyzes a patient's tissue or medicard record before adjusting its virally-delivered superdrugs to match the patient's genetic predispositions. After that, the mister sprays the aerosol into the patient's nasal passages and the drug is absorbed into the lungs. The mister can also deliver microsurgery machines to make non-invasive repairs to tissue and has a color-coded nozzle at each end with separate agent reservoirs for dextro and levo patients. Said one ER staffer, "The effect is incredible. In a year, the whole galaxy will be using these things."”

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07/14/2010 - Separatist Leaders Cornered in Kasatum Fortress

“Colonialist forces in the Diluvian Wildlands on Taetrus have surrounded the fortress of Kasatum, believed to be one of the last holdouts of the separatist leadership. The building, built in the early days of the planet's civil wars, is reinforced against most explosives and has hardpoint-grade kinetic barriers to resist mass accelerator attacks. The separatist group claims it has two dozen hostages inside and in a sign of their increasing desperation, demanded a spaceship to depart the planet. Asked if he would consider the group's demands, General Partinax replied, "We have a negotiation specialist handling that, but I can say giving Facinus access to another FTL craft is quite low on my list of desirable outcomes."”

07/15/2010 - Kasatum Fortress Standoff Comes to Grisly End

“The standoff at Kasatum fortress on Taetrus has come to a grisly end. At 0721 local time, colonialist forces dropped a 6-ton thermobaric bomb on the historical fortress with a parachute, slowing its descent so that it would not trigger the kinetic barriers. The bomb was loud enough that even reserve units of the surrounding army were issued hearing protection, and dust kicked up by its mushroom cloud became a breathing hazard. Portions of the hardened building were still standing when the smoke cleared, but those inside are presumed dead -- the bomb consumed all oxygen in the immediate area, sucking it out of ventilation ducts before they were melted shut.”

07/16/2010 - General Partinax Answers Kasatum Bombing Critics

“General Partinax answered critics today over the bombing of the historical Kasatum fortress. The general said that, despite what Facinus forces claimed, there were no hostages within the fortress. By using miniature duct-crawling drones equipped with an ultrasonic device similar to ground-penetrating radar, the army was able to scan and locate all individuals inside. They deduced from positioning and audio data that none were hostages. Only then was the go-ahead for the bomb given. "We were lucky", the general noted, "but that doesn't take anything away from the skill and preparation of our people on the ground".”

07/17/2010 - Eupulmos Device at the Center of Patent Controversy

“Turian medical units on Taetrus are at the center of a patent controversy tonight. A volus claiming to be the inventor of the much-vaunted Eupulmos respiratory device says his design was appropriated by the turian military without payment or permission. Similar appropriations have occurred throughout the history of the turians and their client race; the volus have extensive patent laws, and the turians barely recognize the concept. "This inventor should take pride in the success of his product," said colonialist liaison Tertinus Septinas, "not shake us down for a fee every time it is used. The flat sum we've offered is quite generous." The Eupulmos designer, Ora Thubb, says he's soured forever on turian culture: "I thought the turians had a meritocracy. What's the point if your contributions get brushed off?"”

07/18/2010 - Systems Alliance Prime Minister Meets with Salarian Dalatrass

“Systems Alliance Prime Minister Amul Shastri met with Dalatrass Narra on Betau, the first day of the salarian New Year. Originally marking the end of winter in the southern hemisphere of the salarian homeworld of Sur'Kesh, Betau is traditionally a time of repaying debts and petitioning favors -- and today was no exception. The two spoke about Earth's superconductor supplies, Sur'Kesh's soil-enriching burngrass, and the inflation of the galactic credit. Shastri gave Narra an Arabian horse with implant reins and genetic material cloned from Magnolia, one of George Washington's steeds. In return, Narra, knowing Shastri's love for flying, presented him with a classic Tess Auburn 2166 aircar with gwaskin upholstery.”

July 2010 - Week Four

07/19/2010 - Inventor of Eupulmos Respiratory Aid Goes Missing

“A suspicious disappearance on Irune has provoked outrage in the Vol Protectorate as Ora Thubb, the inventor of the Eupulmos respiratory aid, has gone missing. The volus inventor made news recently by demanding payment for his design, which is in heavy use by the colonialist army on Taetrus. Ambassador Din Korlack says the Protectorate wants to believe the best of their turian allies, but added, "as the Earth-clan say, this doesn't pass the smell test". Local law enforcement officers on Irune say their leads are promising, but the disappearance is straining relations between the two species' embassies on the Citadel. This is of great concern to the Taetrus war effort. According to one report, volus-owned companies have supplied more than 60 billion credits of material to colonialist forces, about 45% of the war's public cost so far.”

07/20/2010 - Turian Hierarchy Criticized for Shifting Aid Efforts from Belan

“Many citizens have returned to life as usual on Belan, but refugee camps are still filled to capacity by those left homeless by the Kingu comet. The Salarian Union has received much praise for their relief efforts, but Belanese government officials claim aid from the Turian Hierarchy has dropped sharply since fighting started on Taetrus. A Hierarchy spokesperson responded, "Our people have never set Belan aside. While some of our efforts shifted to Vallum after its attack, and needed to remain there in case of further attack, assisting in the rebuilding of Belan always was, and remains, a priority for Palaven."”

07/21/2010 - Over 200 Alleged Slavers Arrested on Nasurn

“A mass arrest of over 200 alleged slavers in the Salarian Union city of Aegohr on the planet Nasurn is being credited tonight to Spectre Tela Vasir. "There are cases that can't be talked about and ones that can", said Supervisory Special Agent Yalson Sao. "We are pleased to say Ms. Vasir -- may all her eggs hatch -- was instrumental in breaking one of the ringleaders of this operation". The term "breaking" may not be entirely figurative -- the batarian in question is recovering in an Aegohr hospital with injuries to three eyes and several small joint fractures. Vasir herself declined lengthy comment, attributing her success to "good intel".”

07/22/2010 - Eupulmos Inventor's Body Found in Irune's Hovita Cove

“The story of Ora Thubb, the wronged inventor who vanished under suspicious circumstances, came to a grisly end today when divers found his body in Irune's Hovita Cove. The waterlogged body had been hacked open in an effort to sink it, a somewhat redundant measure given the low buoyancy of a body in Irune's ammonia-heavy seas. Just prior to the discovery, Thubb's widow received a call from kidnappers telling her to bring five hundred thousand credits to the Dulez Bridge, a call that police say must have come after Thubb was already dead.”

07/23/2010 - Corporatists on Garvug Hold Firm Against Guerrilla Attacks

“Tonight: Has the galactic media forgotten the war on Garvug? Corporatist forces have held the colony capital unopposed by state forces for months, yet still the krogan and vorcha underclass strike back with shooting sprees and skycar bombs. Neither can get close to the fortress-like enclaves where the corporatists have established high-security zones for their troops, but it is clear that no civilians are protected, a fact that hurts the corporate bottom line. Incursions into the countryside looking for the elusive Hailot Wrund have borne little fruit. Still, Sonax Industries supreme commander Lira Speight is confident. "There is a wedge between the vorcha, who will carry out suicide attacks, and the krogan, who will not," she says. "Every day we find bodies from their infighting. Their numbers are dwindling. Ours are not."”

07/24/2010 - Breakthrough in Ora Thubb Murder Case Announced

“Law officers on Irune announced a breakthrough in the case of deceased inventor Ora Thubb today. Three turian men -- two dead and one alive -- were dropped off at a police station along with personal digital assistants containing evidence about planning Thubb's murder. The police are crediting Spectre involvement with bringing the investigation so far forward. Major Loz Atad says two turian Spectres handed the alleged criminals in, making it clear they had been pulled off of Taetrus to solve this problem. "The message was unmistakable", he said. "Turians and volus are partners".”

07/25/2010 - Vallum Blast Pilot Found Dead in Madra

“There's a new development tonight in the quest for justice for the victims of the Vallum Blast. Vamire Squaron, the pilot who allegedly launched the hypervelocity craft that caused the impact, was found dead in the Diluvian city of Madra. "I got an anonymous tip that there was a body inside...I didn't even recognize him at first", said Private Faros Riten, who was tasked with house-to-house searching. "I put him on the flatbed, and everybody started congratulating me". At a crematostation, the body's genetic structure was compared to Squaron's medicard record and was confirmed with 99.97% accuracy. The cause of death was determined to be cardiac arrest, an unusual diagnosis in a 41-year-old turian. Asked if he felt any closure, Riten replied, "Don't worry about me. Worry about the people that lost someone".”

July 2010 - Week Five

07/26/2010 - Hierarchy Officials Destroy Weaponized FTL Plotters

“Citadel Council observers were on hand in the city of Vallum today as Hierarchy forces destroyed the captured, weaponized FTL plotters found a month ago (Earth Standard) in the Diluvian city of Madra. "These are symbols of a type of war no civilized galaxy wants and no civilized galaxy should suffer," said Taetrian Primarch Idus Valen, who was given the honor of detonating the plotters at a bomb range at Fort Urix. Asked if the plotters' creator, Vamire Squaron, was the only person with the knowledge and intent to create weapons such as these, Valen seemed to agree but gave a noncommittal response. Asked how the plotters represented a type of war different than one involving conventional weapons of mass destruction such as a dreadnought's main gun, Valen responded, "I'm sorry, but that's all the time we have."”

07/27/2010 - Family of Six Trapped in Decaying Orbit Around Archanes

“A family's space tourism flight around the gas giant Archanes has turned into a nightmare. After an ion engine malfunction, their emergency booster rocket went offline and the ship was caught in the giant's orbit. Their plaintive distress signal to the Systems Alliance indicates that their orbit is steadily decaying and that they expect to reach the point of no return in the next two hours. The six members of the Sorenson family have qualified for unassisted spaceflight, but now those logged hours are being put to the test. A nearby manned Helium-3 station is walking them through a repair procedure for the booster. While viewers everywhere hold their collective breath, the eldest daughter, Kristal, is performing the extravehicular activity needed to make the necessary repairs.”

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07/28/2010 - Heartbreak for Sorensons After Archanes Escape

“The story of the Sorensons, a family whose ship became trapped by the gas giant Archanes' gravity, has ended with heartbreak. Though the family's daughter Kristal managed to repair the malfunctioning booster rocket in time, she had no time to get used to the pressure differential between the ship and her hastily-donned pressure suit. Decompression sickness gradually caused her to become disoriented and she lost consciousness outside the vehicle. Unable to mount a second EVA to rescue her before the ship reached the point of no return, her mother, Freja, fired the rocket and flew the ship to safety. A ceremony honoring Kristal Sorenson's sacrifice will be held tomorrow on her home planet of Eden Prime.”

07/29/2010 - Comedian Apologizes for Kristal Sorenson Comments

“Comedian Cal DiCosimo has issued an apology today for his comments about deceased vacationer Kristal Sorenson. DiCosimo, recorded on a headcam video at a nightclub, said, "You know what's wrong with our news? Hundreds of people are getting exterminated on Taetrus every day, and what are our journalists reporting? One rich little human girl who fell down a gravity well." After the comments garnered millions of extranet hits, DiCosimo issued his apology: "My remarks were intended to be pointed at members of the news media, not the family and friends of the deceased. I am sorry if I hurt anyone in their time of grieving, and I wish to pay my respects to a very heroic young woman who saved the lives of her family."”

07/30/2010 - Sonax Corporation's Command Ship Destroyed over Garvug

“Corporatist forces on Garvug are reeling today as the Sonax Corporation's command ship Excelsior was destroyed in geosynchronous orbit over the planet. Comm traffic at the time of destruction suggests the Excelsior was destroyed by a warp bomb hidden in a supply ship's cargo payload. The ship had a crew of several hundred, none of whom are expected to have made it to escape pods after the blast. It is known, however, that Sonax's supreme commander Lira Speight was on another ship doing troop review at the time. A video uploaded from the surface of Garvug minutes later revealed guerilla commander Hailot Wrund, apparently missing an arm. His statement was brief: "You humans have an expression: 'Tag.'"”

07/31/2010 - Corporatists Strike Back Against Guerillas on Garvug

“The corporatist forces on Garvug struck back against guerilla positions today, conducting over 150 house-to-house raids and bombarding 33 targets in the mountainous regions outside of Dhazil. Insiders say most of the gunships flying attack sorties were Guanghui Solutions forces. All but one flight of Sonax ships remained grounded, and Binary Helix only fields logistical support staff. Sonax supreme commander Lira Speight denied rumors of a rift between her corporation and the eco-engineering subsidiaries, saying, "Our command structure is centralized, but our capacity to fight is not. Today is an object lesson in that fact."”