Cerberus Daily News delivers daily news about the Mass Effect universe via the Cerberus Network. In-universe, these news reports take place in 2186 CE. They are not given with headlines, but ones are provided here for easier navigation.

The following is an archive of Cerberus Daily News reports from March of 2011. This archive is preceded by Cerberus Daily News - January 2011 and followed by Cerberus Daily News - February 2012.

March 2011 - Week FourEdit

03/22/2011 - Evidence Mounts in Support of Mass Relay Age Findings

“Evidence continues to mount that the system of mass relays attributed to the Protheans predate their civilization. Dr. Aurana T'Meles of the University of Serrice, a one-time skeptic of the claim, now says she's a convert. "This team has been meticulous in dating relays from many locations," she says in her findings. "It is not their responsibility to hypothesize who created the relays, only to isolate the eras of their construction." Such hypotheses abound and usually feature disappeared species like the arthenn or zeioph. Nearly all have been ruled out since they did not coexist with the oldest of the relays. Dr. Amanda Kenson, team lead for the initial discovery, could not be reached for comment at broadcast time.”

03/23/2011 - Batarians Steal Mass Relay Research from Serrice Office

“Dr. Aurana T'Meles' office in downtown Serrice was broken into last night after she made galactic news for supporting the controversial study that claims mass relays predate the Protheans. "I don't understand," said a flabbergasted Dr. T'Meles. "All they stole was research done by Dr. Kenson earlier this year. If they'd waited a month, they could have read it all in a published paper." Security footage shows four batarians dressed in civilian clothing breaking into Dr. T'Meles' office at 4:13 AM local [Thessia standard] time. Skin cells from the scene identified one burglar as Palash Tarn, a former member of the Khar'shan military's Batarian Special Intervention Unit. No officials from Khar'shan were available for comment.”

03/24/2011 - Galaxy Continues to React to Mass Relay Revelations

“Reactions to the discovery that mass relays were not created by the Prothean civilization continue to pour in. On Kahje, the response is largely denial and shock. Religious leader All-Bright Olos the 10th, the Sounaril of the Manas tradition, reacted by uploading a 13-minute speech to the newsnets that urged calm and peace. "It is no heresy to say the Enkindlers themselves may have been Enkindled," the hanar said. "It is their example of selflessness, courtesy, and willingness to share their gifts that teaches these ones how to live. To say there was something before them, an even more noble being, gives these penitents an even swifter current to ride, a greater model to which we can all aspire."”

03/25/2011 - Researchers Arrested for Attempting to Tamper with Lowas Relay

“Two unauthorized researchers have been arrested and charged with attempting to tamper with the Lowas relay. "Zahi Moon and Ellis Veech were found on Lowas' outer surface, planning on accessing the command switches embedded in the relay," says Council Relay Security officer Lisa Tanabe. "They were about as successful as the last hundred people who tried. The real harm was parking a research vessel near a potential collision zone where debris would take weeks to clean, and we know what a single screw can do to a ship at high velocities." Tanabe is referring to the tragic explosion of the Mihairokov, a spacecraft that hit an orbiting metal bolt that caused the ships' cabin to depressurize, killing the passengers onboard.”

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03/26/2011 - Council Fleets Repositioned to Monitor Mass Relays

“A series of security incidents at mass relays throughout Citadel space has led to the redistribution of the Council's peacekeeping fleets. "Public attention has shifted to the relays, and relay-related crime is elevated," says Captain Miyamoto Whelan of the Alliance fleet. He went on to list starship loitering, debris dumping, and suicide by relay as chief incidents to be policed. The resulting military presence has been disruptive enough to cause hours and sometimes days of delays for regular flights. "I don't see why they need to park cruisers on the route to freaking Voya," said commuter Lakshmi Dasgupta. "No one's attacking Voya, and don't tell me they're there to guard something that's indestructible."”

03/27/2011 - Galactic Economy Hit Hard By Widespread Traffic Delays

“Commerce took a plunge yesterday as galaxy-wide traffic delays ground transport and finance to a halt. "I'd estimate we lost 612-billion credits across the galaxy," says macroeconomics expert Dora Voke, "and we would have easily doubled those losses if it wasn't for the asari business holiday." While traffic flow between relays is back to normal, the effects are still being felt by commuters and vacationers. "Unbelievable," says Roman Basee, a citizen from Mars who was taking his first holiday in eight years. "The starline says they'll rebook, but it's just crazy that everything can grind to a halt. The Citadel's got to make sure this doesn't happen!"”

March 2011 - Week FiveEdit

03/28/2011 - Systems Alliance Reverses Stance on Turian Dreadnought Construction

“In a surprise move, respected Systems Alliance admiral, Steven Hackett, testified today before the Citadel Council that the Joint Chiefs of the Alliance have relaxed their attitude toward the increased construction of turian dreadnoughts. "The Alliance is behind our councilor one hundred percent," the admiral said, a significant departure from the Chiefs' protests of the past. "Having recently conducted significant joint operation exercises with the turians, as well as smaller efforts with salarians and asari, the Alliance Navy feels the threats of the 22nd and 23rd centuries [Earth standard] will be external to the signatories of the Treaty of Farixen." Batarian ambassador Nel'Tarras Tilshan reacted vehemently. "The humans appear to be falling into a bloody-minded course, and we hope they turn back. Dreadnoughts are not for peacekeeping, they are for devastating planets! Hackett now sides with those who are a direct threat to the batarian people."”

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