Cerberus Daily News delivers daily news about the Mass Effect universe via the Cerberus Network. In universe, these news reports take place in 2185 CE. They are not given with headlines, but ones are provided here for easier navigation.

The following is an Archive of Cerberus Daily News reports from October of 2010. This archive is preceded by Cerberus Daily News - September 2010, and followed by Cerberus Daily News - November 2010.

October 2010 - Week OneEdit

10/01/2010 - 'Bubble-City' Concept Unveiled at "Impending Design" Seminar

“From the outside, it looks like a collection of silver bubbles linked by tubes -- but inside, it's a busy city filled with people from all species. That's the dream of Javier Oha, an architect participating in "Impending Design", a seminar on the future of cities as the galaxy moves into the [Earth Standard Date] 23rd century. "We have to accommodate changes in taste while maintaining full functionality for all sentient peoples," says Oha. "For example, the interior of the 'bubble-city' is designed to be comfortable for body sizes ranging from volus to krogan. The modular rooms, inspired by Earth-colony buildings, give us a structure that can be taken apart and rearranged to meet any needs." Oha urges curious viewers to take a virtual tour of these experimental cities online.”

10/02/2010 - Vorcha Life Expectancy Paper Condemned by Scientific Community

“The average vorcha has a life expectancy of only twenty years -- can that be extended? If so, should it? These questions are being asked after a paper published by Dr. Minador Lux claimed experimental gene therapy might be able to double the vorcha lifespan. At a press conference, Lux stated that "the unique biology of the vorcha already holds the key to slowing down their aging process. We must simply adapt their ability to undergo radical cellular changes when adjusting to new environments." The report was widely condemned by the scientific community, including the University of Sehgan's biology professor Himar Patathor: "Lux's paper combines gross irresponsibility with wishful thinking. The doctor is talking about waltzing in and tinkering with basic physiology as if he were beading genes on a string! This could only begin to be excusable if he solicited the opinion of a single vorcha about his work -- which he has not."”

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10/03/2010 - Salarian Institute Opens New Wing to Public

“The Salarian Institute for Exo-Archeological Research announced today that the latest addition to its museum is now open to the public. "Our new 'Lost to the Ashes' wing is devoted to sapient races destroyed by nuclear war," said institute director Narid Jarwinar. "So far, we know of six species in the galaxy whose history has been devastated by the fires of atomic Armageddon. Entire civilizations once flourished, rose to great heights of scientific advancement, and then destroyed themselves over disagreements we can often only speculate about." The museum's new exhibit specializes in preserving artifacts of those lost races in an effort to shed light on their history. "Who knows what these races might have offered the galaxy? By carefully analyzing the remnants of these cultures, we may yet decipher a nugget of knowledge that puts a face to these unknown people."”

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October 2010 - Week TwoEdit

10/04/2010 - Sonax Commander Denies She Is Seeking New Employers

“Just when it seemed the worst might be over for Sonax Industries, rumors are flying that their supreme commander Lira Speight has floated her résumé across the extranet. Speight denies the rumor and says the document, which seems to have been made by someone who knows her employment history, is a fake. "I am a Sonax employee," she declares. "I am under contract until the last Sonax soldier leaves Garvug. It would be premature to look for other opportunities when there is still a mountainous task ahead of us." Meanwhile, Sonax's stock has taken another significant dive, dropping 12.3 credits a share over the course of last week.”

10/05/2010 - Blood Pack Funding Supported Vorcha Life Expectancy Research

“Further controversy is brewing over a proposed life-extension treatment for vorcha after revelations that research funding was provided by Blood Pack commander Quash Hurgott. Some fear that Dr. Minador Lux's age-lengthening research may strengthen the already powerful krogan and vorcha mercenary band. Others believe it's a lure for vorcha recruitment. "The doctor and his highly theoretical work are incidental," claimed one Citadel diplomat. "The promise of longer life is simply a carrot for Hurgott to dangle in front of his vorcha 'friends.'" Lux's research has been confiscated and is currently undergoing review to determine whether it falls outside the boundaries of the Citadel's genetic engineering restrictions.”

10/06/2010 - Nuclear Holocaust Planet Discovered in Nubian Expanse

“It was announced today that a deep-space mining ship stumbled upon a previously unknown world in the Nubian Expanse that appears to have suffered a nuclear holocaust. This planet, 433 Spidau, brings the number of known sapient species destroyed by nuclear war to seven. "All evidence points to a massive exchange of nuclear weapons some 1,000 years ago. Scans indicate at least ninety cities reduced to rubble that still bear radioactive markers," said Narid Jarwinar of the Salarian Institute for Exo-Archeological Research. "Reaching the nuclear threshold seems to be an important epoch in any civilization's evolution. This discovery is just another reminder that surviving the threshold is by no means guaranteed. Yet each race we discover is another potential treasure trove of new information and new ways of looking at the universe. It's also proof that every race -- even ones separated by vast gulfs of space -- face the same universal struggle for survival."”

10/07/2010 - Controversy Engulfs Salarian Institute for Exo-Archeological Research

“Controversy engulfed the Salarian Institute for Exo-Archeological Research today after an anonymous employee leveled accusations that it is deeply involved with salarian intelligence services. The unidentified employee said, "They claim to be studying ancient galactic cultures in the interests of expanding our view of the past. That's true, to a point: the institute does serve a legitimate academic function and is staffed with genuine scholars, but it's just a front. Their research is carefully monitored by salarian intelligence. Any 'interesting' discoveries they find are quickly passed along to the spooks. The fact is, without the covert funding provided by salarian intelligence, the Institute would cease to exist." When reached for comment, the institute's director Narid Jarwinar angrily replied, "We're outraged at this attempt to disparage our reputation. These accusations are patently untrue."”

10/08/2010 - Evidence for Salarian Institute Intelligence Link Surfaces

“New evidence has surfaced amid accusations that the Salarian Institute for Exo-Archeological Research is a front for salarian intelligence. Research documents have been obtained from teams working on the newly discovered planet 433 Spidau, which was the scene of a nuclear war some 1,000 years ago. The documents indicate the teams found an underground bunker stocked with advanced weaponry which was still intact; however, those items went missing when shipped to the institute for analysis. The implication is that salarian intelligence intercepted them en route. Institute director Narid Jarwinar today conceded: "We conducted an internal review and discovered a handful of employees working for the institute who did have current intelligence ties. Those employees have been terminated, and our institute is ready to move forward without undue influence from the state."”

10/09/2010 - Narid Jarwinar Quits as Director of Salarian Institute

“The Salarian Institute for Exo-Archeological Research announced today that its director Narid Jarwinar is stepping down. "We wish Dr. Jarwinar the best of luck in his future endeavors," said institute spokesman Hamis Kerad, who cited "internal disagreement" as the reason for Jarwinar's departure. In the same press conference, Kerad pointed out the Institute is petitioning the public for investors. "In the wake of our recent mistreatment by the press, a number of our trustees have withdrawn their support," he said in a press conference today. "However, we remind potential donors that the institute maintains an exclusive presence on the planet 433 Spidau, and there is no better time to become a part of history." Asked what percentage of the intitute's funding came from intelligence service fronts, Kerad replied, "I don't count kepta [roaches] as they leave the house. I'm just happy that they're gone."”

10/10/2010 - Jason Pyrrus Executed on Kopanis

“A navigation malfunction turned tragic when an Oyama Industries surveyor landed on a restricted planet and died at the hands of enraged local colonists. A video smuggled off-planet shows Jason Pyrrus, son of billionaire entrepreneur Byron Pyrrus, being held captive and brutally executed. The ship landed on the planet Kopanis, whose colony is a known haven for followers of Strata Pact, a fanatical anti-technology group who have cut themselves off from the wider galactic community. Infamous for acts of terror against industrial manufacturers, the group established the colony 17 years ago. Kopanis' star, Jornous, is located inside the Terminus Systems; therefore, no formal inquiry can be made in to what sparked the event. Pyrrus was 34 and leaves behind a wife and two daughters.”

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October 2010 - Week ThreeEdit

10/11/2010 - Billionaire Offers Five Million Credits for Information on Son's Killers

“Billionaire entrepreneur Byron Pyrrus has offered five million credits for any information on the group responsible for the death of his son, Jason. Jason Pyrrus was executed yesterday at the hands of the Strata Pact on Kopanis. The Strata Pact, a militant anti-technology group tied with several acts of terror, has offered no reason for the execution. A visibly shaken Pyrrus announced at an Illium press conference, "Anyone who can bring me the names of the monsters responsible will get five million credits. No questions asked." Illium authorities strongly caution against individuals confronting the colony, which is reportedly quite militant and well-armed, even by Terminus Systems standards.”

10/12/2010 - Failed Assassin Released After 21 Years in Prison

“Ivor Johnstagg, the man who tried to take the life of volus ambassador Venta Tox, was released today after spending 21 years in prison. Johnstagg made headlines when he tried to shoot the ambassador from the top of a car park on Illium. He claimed to be sent by Eternal Earth, a now-defunct radical political party founded after the First Contact War. Investigators found no evidence of his claims and diagnosed Johnstagg with paranoid schizophrenia during his incarceration. The backlash from the assassination attempt almost cost the Systems Alliance an embassy seat on the Presidium. Upon his release, Johnstagg issued a statement saying he intends to refuse any offers for his life story since he has "powerful, powerful enemies waiting to see what I do. I'm either a quiet man or a dead one."”

10/13/2010 - Billions Snap Up Tickets for Lucky-88 Lottery

“Maybe it's the downturn in the economy or the fact that it's the largest jackpot in history, but people are snapping up tickets for the 1.7-billion credit prize in this year's Lucky-88 Lottery. Says one player: "Guarded optimism: Our office pool has collectively purchased 315 tickets. Wistful hope: What a dream come true if we had that winning number." It's rumored that over a billion tickets have already been sold on planets from Thessia to Caleston. The draw will be held next week.”

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10/14/2010 - Horror Simulstims Dominate Galactic Box Office

“The weekend box office is in, and audiences paid to be horrified. Salarian shocker "The Jar" played on the universal modern fear of being trapped in a simulstim to the tune of 2.05 billion creds; "Talons," on the other hand, played on the human fear of turians rending human throats with their razor claws, scaring up 1.86 billion and not a little controversy. At third was the counter-programming "The 840-Year-Old Virgin," whose romp through the life of an impossibly nerdy asari netted a handy 1.43 billion. Coming in fourth was the low-budget "Binder," which answered the question: "Who exactly binds the books covered in human skin in all those other horror movies?" If you never wondered this, you're not alone -- only 998 million credits went to this cerebral chiller.”

10/15/2010 - Kopanis In Flames After Devastating Attack

“The Terminus Systems colony of Kopanis is in flames tonight, having suffered a devastating attack allegedly perpetrated by Eclipse mercenaries. The colony garnered galactic attention when billionaire Byron Pyrrus sought information on the execution of his son at the hands of the Strata Pact, a terrorist organization based on Kopanis. If the speculation that Eclipse and Pyrrus are responsible is correct, this private war against the anti-technology zealots would be one of the largest individually-funded offensives in recent history. Pyrrus himself, who was last seen on Illium, could not be reached for comment.”

10/16/2010 - Krogan Warlords to Attend "Living History" Lectures on Gataly

“The Royal Center for Education and the Arts on the planet Gataly is hosting a two-week lecture series on the Krogan Rebellions, part of the "Living History" initiative to chronicle both sides of the war. The focus of this year's talks is the enslavement of several occupied worlds by krogan forces and the possibility of reparations for families of former slaves. In a surprise announcement, several krogan warlords from Tuchanka have stated they intend to attend the lectures.”

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10/17/2010 - Krogan Rebellions History Lectures Devolve Into Heated Debate

“A history lecture on the Krogan Rebellions turned into a battleground of impassioned debate today. Former asari commando Matriarch Adora Ellja recounted her experiences during the Rebellions for audiences attending the lecture series. Her haunting descriptions of raiding slave camps on krogan-occupied worlds deeply affected many in the audience. Then, during a question session, krogan Warlord Ravanor Tusk asked if the asari would pay reparations for krogan slaves used as forced labor during the last days of the war. After Matriarch Ellja denied any krogan had been enslaved, Tusk's response was: "You're either a fool, a liar, or senile." The rest of the evening turned into a heated argument between Warlord Tusk, Matriarch Ellja, and students and historians attending the lecture.”

October 2010 - Week FourEdit

10/18/2010 - "Living History" Lecture Extended

“Gataly's "Living History" lecture has been extended as the question of Krogan Rebellion slave reparations is fiercely debated by academics, legal experts, and the last three asari veterans of the war. Says one attending krogan: "My father's father was captured by asari and forced to build their camps. After the war, he killed himself out of disgrace. If the asari want to settle debts, they can start right there." Asari historian Koni Sollia claims that krogan were enslaved in only a few isolated incidents: "Shamefully, a small minority of asari commando groups did use krogan prisoners as forced labor during the Rebellions. The enslaved were less than a hundred in number and the commandos responsible were stripped of their rank and severely punished. Strangely, while the slaves taken by krogan numbered in the tens of thousands, I haven't heard a word about reparations from their side."”

10/19/2010 - First Wave of Corporate Soldiers Withdrawn from Garvug

“Krogan and vorcha crowds danced in the streets and fired weapons as starships took home the first of the corporate soldiers who had occupied the planet Garvug since an aborted coup seven months ago. "No one in my platoon is going to miss it," said one anonymous soldier serving with Guanghui Solutions, "but everyone's wondering if they could have done more." Their situation is less grave than that of government forces in Dhazil, who describe the situation as "a nightmare." Orut Tairn, liaison to the Rassk vorcha pack, wonders, "What do they think is going to happen without troops? The guerillas are going to take back power and everyone in government's going to get purged." Orut is fleeing the planet and he's not alone -- Starways Space Travel says all flights leaving Garvug are booked solid for the next six weeks.”

10/20/2010 - Lucky-88 Lottery Winner Donates Prize to Belan Relief Funds

“The winner of Lucky-88 Lottery's 1.7-billion credit jackpot claimed the prize today... then promptly gave away the first payment. Hours after the Unified Bank of Irune transferred its first payment to a lucky hanar called Brimyell, the credits were donated to various relief funds for the disaster-struck planet of Belan. Brimyell spoke to the press about its visits to the beleaguered planet, saying that it had been touched both by the suffering and the spirit of cooperation among its people. "The sum this one received was a blessing which it believes should be shared. May Belan be guided by the gifts of the Enkindlers. Also, while speaking to the press, this one would appreciate a moment to request that people cease petitioning it for funds it no longer possesses. It is having difficulty keeping up with its e-mail."”

10/21/2010 - Sensitive Turian Military Data Found on Scrapped Memory Chip

“Accountability remains a source of heated debate in the case of a collection of sensitive turian military data uncovered on a memory chip that was purchased at a salvage yard on the planet Monrini. The chip was one of many that was auctioned off to scrap trader Sidney Wall. Wall learned of the data when he began to catalog his purchase for resale. He reported the find to local authorities, who confiscated the chip and contacted the Turian Hierarchy. The chip's contents are reportedly wide-ranging, including blueprints for turian fighters and results of turian war game scenarios. The Hierarchy will begin a formal inquiry next week to seek culpability.”

10/22/2010 - Celebration in Honor of Tandy Noble Called Social Event of the Season

“A celebration thrown in honor of Tandy Noble, daughter of billionaire media mogul John Noble, is being called the social event of the season. The festivities began with a fireworks display rivaling anything that could take place planetside: custom orbital explosives maximized for display in vacuum were created for the event at a cost estimated in the tens of millions. Invited guests watched the presentation from Noble's private cruiser as it circled the rings of Saturn. Noble also used the opportunity to introduce his new e-magazine "Haute Monde", which is aimed at the galactic elite.”

10/23/2010 - Hundreds Dead After Gang War Bombing on Omega

“The bombing of fifteen high-traffic docks on Omega has been confirmed as salvos in the ongoing gang war plaguing the troubled station. Over two hundred people were killed and nearly a dozen starships were destroyed in blasts that targeted docks controlled by the Blue Suns mercenary group. Witness reports are mixed, with some claiming to have seen Eclipse mercenaries before the explosions, while others say that Blood Pack mercs ran through the vicinity just prior to the bombings. The Citadel Travel Advisory recommends immediate cancellation of all travel to the station.”

10/24/2010 - Actress Sues After Botched Cosmetic Surgery Leads to Her Firing

“A botched cosmetic surgery is the centre of a three-way legal battle between representatives of asari actress Monia "Kitten" Calder, producers for the weekly drama "The Lower Wards," and the private practice of surgeon Dr. Ahwid Francis. In documents released today by Calder's legal representative, the actress is seeking damages from Dr. Francis for "unacceptable results" on a recent facial reconstruction procedure. In a separate but related action, the actress is suing the producers of "The Lower Wards" for "violating the contract that does not include a physical representation clause" upon her termination from the drama after nearly 18 years. The documents contend that the actress is within her rights to alter herself via elective surgery if desired.”

October 2010 - Week FiveEdit

10/25/2010 - 79 People Gunned Down As Omega Gang Violence Continues

“Travel to Omega is still off-limits as 79 more people were gunned down an hour ago in what security experts are calling "an escalating bloodbath". Captain Quart Vadus of Elanus Risk Control claims he's seen this kind of thing before and that it will get worse before it gets better. "It isn't rare for Omega to experience this level of violence," Vadus said, "but it's rare for it to last this long. Gangs are taking advantage of the chaos to settle old scores before the power shifts again." Asked what ordinary citizens on Omega should do to avoid getting caught in the crossfire, Vadus responded: "Hide."”

10/26/2010 - Luxury Liner Grande Mar Makes Emergency Stop at Omega

“The luxury liner Grande Mar had to make an unscheduled stop at the now-violent Omega space station when onboard systems catastrophically failed during a routine touring cruise. The crew quickly secured passengers aboard the ship before while hastily conducting repairs. An Omega representative known as Aria T'Loak encouraged passengers to make the best of their stay and assured anyone wishing to "see the exotic sights" that Omega was safe and secure. No incidents were reported aboard the Grande despite heavy fighting reported to be taking place elsewhere on the station.”

10/27/2010 - Eden Prime Declared "Culturally Significant Site"

“Earth's Council for the Preservation of Human History and Culture has officially designated the colony of Eden Prime as a "culturally significant site". Eden Prime was humanity's shining jewel, demonstrating the species could succeed on the galactic stage, before it suffered a devastating attack by geth forces led by ex-Spectre agent Saren Arterius. A public memorial and museum have been opened at the site of the destroyed colony. The opening ceremonies, scheduled for next week, will feature a visit by Systems Alliance Prime Minister Amul Shastri.”

10/28/2010 - Research Outpost Finds Life on Europa

“The Sol System is abuzz after a Binary Helix research outpost found life on Jupiter's moon of Europa. Scientists on the Nautilus Facility, a station built underneath Europa's vast ice sheets, discovered microorganisms inside a rock sample taken from the moon's ocean floor. "Life is tenacious," says head researcher Dr. Zsuzsa Gaul. "Scientists have theorized for decades that Europa could sustain an underwater ecology. It's incredible to be at the vindication of some of the field's earliest xenobiological hopes." Dr. Gaul hoped to find even more sophisticated life as her team sends more probes to explore the site where the microorganisms were found.”

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10/29/2010 - Systems Alliance and Binary Helix Dispute Rights to Europa Life

“The Systems Alliance is clashing with Binary Helix over which group has first rights to the genetic material of of newly-discovered microorganisms on Jupiter's moon of Europa. "Europa is Alliance territory," says Commander Lowrie, head of Intrasolar Development. "We gave Binary Helix permission to build a facility, not patents to Sol-system life." Binary helix spokesperson Jamie Cho replied: "The contracts signed by the Alliance were very clear: Binary Helix has first claim to any new biological life forms created, modified, or discovered on Europa. Since legal precedence is in our favor, the Alliance is trying to split hairs."”

10/30/2010 - "Reversal" Treatment Allows Dextro/Levo Species to Share Cuisines

“The process is quite literally stomach-turning, but gourmands across the galaxy are lining up to try Reversal, a new gastrointestinal immunosuppressant treatment that allows dextro/levo species to safely sample each other's cuisine. The process is expensive, lasts less than 24 [Earth Standard] hours, and the food provides no nutrition, but restaurants are already busy booking dextro/levo food parties. "It's an adventure," says food writer and Reversal enthusiast Livian Messalina. "We're opening up new ranges of texture and flavor to each other. Taste still varies from species to species, but that's part of the fun." Doctors are warning these bold new epicures to watch out for leftovers -- meals should be eaten as soon as possible, and users must purge before the treatment wears off.”

10/31/2010 - Earth and Its Colonies Celebrate Halloween

“Don't be surprised to find your human friends in a costume today as large portions of Earth and its colonies celebrate the holiday of Halloween. Originally a "day of the dead" in which masks were worn to scare off evil spirits, Halloween evolved into a secular holiday with popular activities such as carving fruits, wearing costumes, and the curious custom of children going house-to-house, begging for food. It's the biggest night of the year for the candy industry -- 25% of their annual sales are typically purchased for the purpose of being distributed on Halloween. This year's hottest-selling costumes include "Zombie Huerta," "Lili T'Nigus," and "Geth Hunter."”

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