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Disambiguous.png This article is about a particular Cerberus Armor variant in Mass Effect series. For disambiguation, see Cerberus Armor. For armor in general, see Armor.

The Cerberus Spirit Armor is a set of armor in Mass Effect 3, available by completing an Armax Arsenal Arena challenge in Mass Effect 3: Citadel. It increases power recharge speed, power damage, and shields.


Spirit armor is worn by Cerberus Phantoms fortunate enough to be biotic or for those who are skilled enough to use highly technical attacks. The armor has small gains for shield strength and regeneration, but where it truly shines is in its capacity to amplify biotic amps and omni-tools. These attacks hit significantly harder and more often, allowing the Phantom to dismantle heavily-armored targets.


With Mass Effect 3: Citadel installed, achieve over 9,999 points in the Armax Arsenal Arena. The armor will be offered as a reward, along with the Cerberus Shade Armor and Cerberus Nightmare Armor. Only one armor set can be chosen per playthrough.

E-mail: Thanks for breaking the scoreboard[]

From: AAA Information Technology Dept.

Commander Shepard,

When I heard you broke the scoreboard, I thought you had discovered another bug. But I watched the replay of your fight and I was left awestruck. In testing, we had a team of krogan battlemasters trying to reach 10,000 points, but they never could. Somehow you did it. It'll take a while for us to rewrite our systems to support higher scores, but it was worth it to see someone do the impossible.

I spoke with our management to try to provide you with some merchandise--it turns out we weren't budgeted for it this year, but we actually had some suits of armor captured during the attack on the Citadel. Research and Design are done with them, and now they need a good home. What would you say to a Cerberus Phantom's armor?

Thanks for playing, Commander. We hope you had as much fun we did.

Virginia Ruojian
Principal Systems Administrator
Armax Arsenal Arena

Player Notes[]

  • This armor is arguably the best powers-focused Adept/Engineer/Sentinel/Vanguard set in the game when initially available due to the Shield, Power Damage, and Power Recharge.
    • The Inferno Armor is rendered obsolete, as the Spirit Armor offers equal Power Damage and Power Recharge Speed bonuses along with 10% boosts to Shields and Shield Regeneration.
    • The Cerberus Ajax Armor, Cerberus Nightmare Armor, Cerberus Shade Armor and Cerberus Spirit Armor armors sets provide more cumulative benefits than any other Armor sets. Their combined bonuses total 80%, while most full-body armors offer 60% bonuses, and individual armor pieces give a maximum of 65%.
  • As power recharge speed bonuses have diminishing returns, the Cerberus Spirit Armor's power recharge speed bonus has significantly less of a benefit for a character who has a very high power recharge speed bonus from a light loadout than characters with heavier loadouts.
  • The fastest way to get this armor is to set the Combat Difficulty on Narrative. You still get the same amount of Score Points.


  • The male version of this armor is identical to Kai Leng's outfit, except he does not wear a helmet. It is also used by the N7 Slayer Vanguard, though with N7 colors and logos, in multiplayer. The female version is identical to that of N7 Shadow Infiltrators.
  • This armor is identical in appearance to its counterparts, the Cerberus Shade Armor and the Cerberus Nightmare Armor.