Disambiguous This article is about the enemy from Mass Effect 2. For the page about the Cerberus turret from Mass Effect 3, see Turret (Mass Effect 3).
Cerberus Turrets are used by Cerberus to defend key locations and installations.

Cerberus Turrets were installed on Aite to defend key locations for Project Overlord, a project run by Cerberus to create a VI capable of exploiting the geth's religious beliefs to gain control over them. The turrets are mainly positioned on the approaches to Vulcan Station and at small outposts around the planet.

Capabilities Edit


Cerberus Turrets are armed with a Mass Accelerator Machine Gun that can destroy the Hammerhead after just a few seconds of sustained combat.


Cerberus Turrets are equipped with only armor for defenses.

Tactics Edit

  • Because they don't pop up until you get close, and they go down when you get too far away, you can use that to your advantage if you need to retreat. However, it is also a disadvantage because you can't target them at a distance. Also be aware that, because they can shred the Hammerhead in a just a few seconds, sustained combat isn't recommended. Keep at a distance and move in and out of their engagement range as you need to.
  • You will need to modify your tactics a little based on where you are fighting and where the Turrets are located.
  • A solid tactic on all difficulties for most turrets is to pop up and fire at the top of the boost and then drop back behind cover while the turret(s) harmlessly try to shoot the Hammerhead through the ground.
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