Cerulean Star is a fictional asari character featured in the Blasto adventure "Blasto: Eternity is Forever".

Publicly, she is an actress, but that is only a cover story to keep her identity as a Spectre secret. She becomes Blasto's partner after the hanar is ordered to investigate the mad krogan scientist Kronus, who is believed to be behind the deaths of three other Spectres.

Cerulean Star and Blasto track Kronus to his base on Virmire, and discover that he has built a time-freezing device and plans to take over the galaxy. While Blasto confronts Kronus, Cerulean Star stays behind to tamper with the device before being captured. She escapes and forces Kronus to un-freeze Blasto at gunpoint. The krogan then triggers the base's self-destruct sequence and flees, but is subsequently killed when an explosion knocks him over a railing. Cerulean Star and Blasto escape the base just in time and swim to shore, where Blasto admits she makes a good partner.

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