Location: Milky WaySigurd's CradleMil System Third planet

Prerequisite: Citadel: Leviathan III (Mass Effect 3)

Description Edit

Chalkhos is notable for being one of the few garden worlds in the Milky Way that is also part of a binary planet system: both it and its heavenly twin Selvos are in a stable orbit with one another in addition to orbiting the star Mil. Chalkhos's greenhouse gases lead to a hotter climate than Earth, and the solar eclipses caused by Selvos, while common, are not frequent enough to be a good solar shade.

This did not prevent a colony from springing up, largely asari and their varying species of mates. It was far from an idyllic settlement--like many Terminus worlds, it was rife with farmers growing psychoactive substances, armed gangs, and with genetic engineering that would be illegal in Council space--but aside from the maddening heat and photoperiod, it was quite inhabitable.

The Reapers turned Chalkhos to rubble. Emergency broadcasts caught in the light-cone coming from the planet indicate that the Reapers used ground forces to invade and spent little time harvesting. As they departed, the Reapers bombarded the planet from orbit either because they needed to reinforce another front quickly or had gathered the data on genetic engineering they needed.

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