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Location: Milky WayFar RimDholen System Second planet

Prerequisite: Horizon (mission) (Mass Effect 2)
Prerequisite: Priority: The Citadel II (Mass Effect 3)


Once a starship refueling station for the quarians, Charoum has expanded under geth rule. Thousands of orbital platforms surround the planet and its many moons, refining helium into helium-3. A vast geth fleet comes and goes between Charoum and Haestrom, preventing all but the most stealthy of spy drones from discovering any information about it. Current estimates place the geth fleet numbers between 5,000 and 10,000 ships, with unknown levels of armament.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Most intelligence estimates state that approaching Charoum is tantamount to suicide. All civilian traffic is prohibited.

Mineral Deposits[]

Initial Scanner Result: Moderate

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium Medium 6,100
Platinum Medium 6,000
Iridium Medium 6,150
Element Zero None 0