Charr is a krogan transport technician on Illium. Unusually for a krogan, he is not a brute, but rather a sensitive "lover-boy" type.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Charr is in a relationship with Ereba, an asari merchant in the transport hub. Unfortunately, their relationship has hit a rocky patch, as Ereba is hesitant to settle down with him permanently and wonders if he is only interested in her in order to reproduce. As a consequence, Charr stands nearby Ereba reciting bad love poetry, in the hope that he will regain her affections.

He brings Ereba to Tuchanka if she was convinced by Commander Shepard to rekindle their relationship. Ereba expresses her doubts and hesitation at the ramshackle state of Tuchanka and the xenophobic attitudes of the other krogan. She then desires to leave. Charr is able to convince Ereba to stay by saying that the dilapidated appearance of Tuchanka builds character and that she doesn't have to worry about the other krogan as she is under Charr's protection.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

ME3 Charr Body

During the assault on a rachni nest cave, it is discovered by Shepard's team that Charr was amongst the krogan KIAs in there, and he left a passionate voice-recording final message for Ereba. Shepard can retrieve it and deliver it to Ereba on the Citadel. If Ereba was convinced to rekindle her relationship with Charr in 2185, the message will also contain a poetic reference to their unborn child.

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