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Security Chief Roe is the leader of the Eclipse unit assigned to Donovan Hock on Bekenstein during Kasumi's loyalty mission.

She apparently has a Draconian leadership style, as indicated by the datapads of junior officers. Roe has little interest in the party Hock is throwing, deciding to monitor events from an unknown vantage point instead of mingling with the guests. When Commander Shepard and Kasumi Goto infiltrate Hock's vault, Roe leads a team to attack, but is killed in the battle.

During the party, it is possible for Kasumi to briefly assume Chief Roe's identity over the comm in order to allow her and Shepard access into Hock's private quarters.



Chief Roe is armed with a M-6 Carnifex heavy pistol. She will also use Incinerate and deploy Combat Drones in battle.


Chief Roe possesses strong shields and armor, in addition to a high level of health. She may use Tech Armor ability to restore her shields if given enough time.


Chief Roe will aggressively use her Incinerate and Combat Drone abilities against the player; her tech abilities, combined with her strong defenses, make her a dangerous and difficult to handle opponent on higher difficulty levels. Additionally, only Kasumi is present in the player's squad during this mission, substantially decreasing the firepower at Shepard's disposal. On any difficulty below Hardcore, a single use of a fully-evolved Shadow Strike will kill her once her defenses are gone. The M-12 Locust that is acquired before or during the fight against Roe and her subordinates will make short work of her shields.