Chief Weyrloc Guld is the krogan leader of Clan Weyrloc on Tuchanka. He is willing to cure the genophage at any cost, even if it means experimenting on humans and willing members of his clan.

In 2185, Commander Shepard has the opportunity to come to rescue Mordin Solus' student Maelon, who is in fact willingly curing the genophage. If the Commander chooses to help Mordin, Guld sends a messenger to tell Shepard that he is willing to let the Commander leave to spread word that Clan Weyrloc will rise above all clans and dominate the galaxy. However, Shepard instead kills any Weyrloc soldiers in the way, before killing Guld himself.

The Chief Scout at the main Urdnot camp tells Shepard that Weyrloc Guld is considered a leader with a destiny by his followers because he has two children and "one of them's a girl." Having one living child is unlikely because of the genophage. Having two is interpreted by some as a sign. The Chief Scout is dismissive of the thought, saying it was luck.

Capabilities Edit


Guld is armed with an M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun, and can use Warp.


Guld has strong biotic barrier and armor, high health, charge, and regeneration, like all krogan.

Tactics Edit

  • Guld's tactics are similar to those of other krogan. He will advance steadily on the squad, firing his shotgun; he will charge nearby squadmates, but is otherwise content to let his soldiers precede him and soften up Shepard's squad. On higher difficulty levels, he will also use Warp on exposed squadmates, making him more dangerous at range.
  • A myriad of explosive canisters are present on the battlefield, and a player can make great use of them when battling Guld.
  • It is best to whittle his health down before moving in for the killing blow. Squadmates with Warp and Incinerate are useful for his barrier and armour respectively.
  • He can easily be dispatched at long range so try to keep him back and don't be afraid to retreat if he gets close. His shotgun packs a punch.
  • As with all krogan, Warp Ammo and headshots are very effective. Coupling Warp Ammo with a precision weapon such as the Viper Sniper Rifle or the Vindicator Battle Rifle will allow you to quickly suppress and defeat Guld from a longer distance.
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