Location: Milky WayHades GammaCacus System Second planet

Prerequisite: 75% Morality (Mass Effect)

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Chohe is a terrestrial planet whose surface is mainly composed of aluminum, with numerous deposits of calcium. Though it has enough mass to retain a dense atmosphere, Chohe is nearly a vacuum. This lack of atmosphere allows a moderate average temperature, but the differences between night and day are extreme.

The surface of Chohe's sunward-facing side is usually covered by a haze of volatiles (mainly water vapor and carbon dioxide), which return to the ground as frost over the course of the long, cold night.

The Sirta Foundation has established a research outpost on Chohe to investigate the native subterranean life of Chohe, which shows incredible resilience to extremes of heat and cold.

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Points of Interest Edit

Location Appearance Description
1 Initial Underground complex (UNC: Besieged Base)
2 Initial Crashed probe (salvage)
3 Initial Abandoned camp (UNC: Asari Writings ×3 and salvage)

“While sifting through this pile of debris, you discovered another of Matriarch Dilinaga's writings. It's in bad shape, but most of it is still intact.

It looks like someone has been living in this place. This small crate held some stale food and one of Matriach Dilinaga's writings. It's still in fairly good condition… unlike the food.

It's not clear who owns this container, but you discovered one of Matriarch Dilinaga's writings inside.

When turning off the transmitter: Close to the transmitter, your comms pick up a recording of a wistful string quartet. You power the system down. Whoever lived here, they haven't been back for some time. The crates are covered with Chohe's chalky dust, and the status lights of the shack indicate its atmosphere ran out long ago.”

4 Discovery Crashed satellite, salvager corpse and mercenaries

“This person must have died while attempting to salvage a crashed satellite.”

5 Unmarked Thresher Maw

Mineral Deposits Edit

Chohe SLI
Main article: UNC: Valuable Minerals
Location Element Class
1 Plutonium Rare
2 Mercury Heavy

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Main article: Search and Rescue

Properties Edit

Its surface albedo as calculated from parameters is −1.48. Some of that can be adjusted upward given that the sun is, from this distance, a disc rather than a point (if not by much).

But no planet here can be older than its star, which as a main-sequence F0 is no older than 2.82 billion years. Chohe is a large planet and is still emitting heat from its formation and differentiation; in addition its core must be at least as radioactive as Faringor's. The plutonium here probably does not date to the planet's formation, but could be the result of a natural reaction as in Oklo in Gabon.

Visible from planetside is a small, spherical, and airless satellite; redly coated with iron rust dust like Mars or else methane ice like Sedna. It is a captured body. The artwork is identical to that used for Klendagon above Presrop, and is likely footage of Mars; it cannot be taken as a map of the moon.

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