The Chosen is a kett unit.

Description Edit

Chosen are the front-line soldiers of the kett, encountered on multiple worlds as support for other kett combatants. They are equipped with assault rifles that fires plasma-surrounded projectiles, and light armor that allows them to move and deploy rapidly. Though their biology is still under investigation, they are capable of surviving in hazardous environments without protective gear.

While quick to defer to more senior individuals, Chosen appear to be disciplined and loyal soldiers, undeterred even by biotic attacks or heavy ordnance. They present a continuing risk to unarmed outposts.

The name "Chosen" was intercepted and tentatively translated from kett communications. If accurate, its significance is unclear, since these are clearly the kett's baseline infantry.

With a new understanding of kett exaltation, it is now apparent that Chosen are exalted angara, transformed into soldiers of the kett cause. This may explain their title. Their devotion to senior kett can now be understood as a hard-wired hormonal response that induces unshakeable loyalty.

Capabilities Edit

Offensive Edit

Chosen carry Zalkin assault rifles, and can hit Pathfinder Ryder at almost any range. They also use high explosive (HE) grenades to flush the player out of cover.

Defensive Edit

Chosen possess no form of protection save for the capability of leaping to the sides to escape missile powers or the squad's line of fire. Note: Although the Codex entry says that Chosen have light armor, there is no armor for Chosen.

Tactics Edit

Although they are the most basic kett unit, Chosen are not to be underestimated. Very cunning, they never miss an opportunity to flank Ryder or flush them out of cover, with their tactics proving lethal 8 times out of 10 on higher difficulties.

To exploit the fact that Chosen are unprotected, one should resort to disabling powers such as Pull, Singularity, or Cryo Beam. Detonating combo explosions with such powers generally strip kett squads of the ability to distract Ryder from enemies with heavier firepower, and the skirmish can be won with effective usage of cover and powers/weapons.

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