Christine is a colonist on Fehl Prime in 2185, and the mother of April.[2] She is a very determined and courageous woman. She is not easily cowed and keeps on fighting with her every remaining ounce of strength while defending others.

Christine rallies the colonists when the Blood Pack mercenaries lay siege to the colony in 2183. She gallantly does her part, even though outmatched and outgunned. She is almost shot by a vorcha but refuses to give up despite Treeya's consolations that she is not a soldier. Her determination buys the colonists enough time for the Alliance marines to arrive and engage the Blood Pack.

Two years later, the colony is flourishing and Christine occasionally comes to meet the Delta Squad marines along with April who has taken a special liking to Lieutenant James Vega. Christine laughs and enjoys April's time with Vega, quite happy about her daughter's brotherly love for the marine. According to April, Christine has told her that the big defense cannon is meant for protecting the colony and that Lt. Vega will save them all again should the worst happen.

When the Collectors attack, Christine and April are paralyzed by Seeker Swarms. They are carried off into the Collector ship as Delta Squad looks on helplessly.

Later, when the antidote is administered to the colonists through the Collector ship's processing plant after Delta Squad infiltrates the ship, Christine reawakens along with the other colonists. She consoles a frightened April and assures her that Vega is coming to save them all. When the colonists come under attack from Collector forces, Christine along with others fights them. As the ship begins descending into the atmosphere after the drive core was destroyed, Christine holds onto her child, hoping against hope that help will come.

However, Vega has to make a difficult choice in this situation and the choice he makes costs the lives of all the colonists including Christine and April as the ship crashes onto the surface of the planet.

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