Barla Von has provided the location of Shadow Broker forces trapped in the Dranek system, inside the Krogan DMZ. Recruit them to the war effort and return to Barla Von.

Acquisition Edit

Find and speak to Liara at Apollo's Cafe in the Presidium Commons during your second (or later) visit to the Citadel. She tells you to contact Barla Von regarding a mercenary group that can be recruited. He is located behind the counter at Presidium Commons Bank. Talk to him for more information. Note that you will not see the mission on your journal until you talk to Barla Von.

Walkthrough Edit

Prerequisite: Priority: Sur'Kesh
Citadel - liara slacking off
Note: This mission must be completed before launching Priority: Tuchanka as it will be the last opportunity for the player to visit the Citadel before Priority: The Citadel II, after which it will no longer be available.

Proceed to the Krogan DMZ and travel to Dranek. Scan the planet Rothla to find the Shadow Broker Wet Squad, a valuable War Asset. Once you have procured the War Asset, travel back to the Citadel and speak with Barla Von to complete the mission. Completing this mission gives you 5 reputation and 120 experience.

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