There's an ongoing disturbance in the marketplace between a quarian and a volus. A human C-Sec officer is trying to sort it out.

Acquisition Edit

Go to Level 26 of the Citadel and walk by a volus, a quarian, and a human. Shepard will overhear the volus, Kor Tun, telling the human C-Sec officer, Officer Tammert, to arrest the quarian, Lia'Vael nar Ulnay.

Walkthrough Edit

Lia'Vael and C-Sec

Shepard talks to the group and learns that Kor Tun has lost his credit chit. The volus claims that Lia'Vael stole his credit chit after she bumped into him while he was leaving the Sirta Foundation. Shepard can converse with the parties and can offer to look into the matter.

Talk to the salarian clerk, Marab, at Saronis Applications on the same level. He explains that the volus made some purchases but left his credit chit behind before Marab could return it to him. Afterward, speak to Kor Tun to complete the assignment and score 5 Paragon points. Shepard tells him the credit chit is waiting for him at Saronis Applications.

The volus is unrepentant and says the quarian could have stolen it, and Officer Tammert says he will be keeping an eye on Lia'Vael and orders her to get a permanent residence or he will run her in for vagrancy. Shepard then has an opportunity to stand up for Lia'Vael by using a Paragon interrupt for 5 extra Paragon points.

Mission Summary Edit

  • Experience reward: 40 (50)
  • Credits: 1,000


  • During Mass Effect 2's development, the working title of this assignment was "You Know What They're Like", a reference to the racist assumptions of Kor Tun and the C-Sec officer.
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