Dr. Chloe Michel is being blackmailed. Someone learned about her dismissal from a previous employer and the circumstances surrounding it. Now, if she doesn't give these people her supplies they're threatening to go public with what they know.

Acquisition Edit

This mission will be available when you return to the Med Clinic after assaulting Chora's Den at the beginning of the game. If you previously saved Dr. Michel from Fist's thugs, she will thank you for the rescue, and you will have to leave and return to unlock it. Upon entering, you will overhear Dr. Michel being threatened, at which point you can offer to help.

It is not necessary to have saved Dr. Michel previously or become a Spectre to unlock this assignment.

Note: If you return to the Med Clinic and no option to help Dr. Michel is offered, leave the clinic and return to Fist's office inside Chora's Den. The door control appears red, but will open upon activation. You may then leave and go back to the clinic where Dr. Michel will be posed to start the assignment.

Walkthrough Edit


Dr. Michel explains she is being blackmailed; the demand is for medical supplies to be delivered to Morlan, a salarian shop owner that can be found in the Lower Markets. She is at risk of losing her license if her past is uncovered. You can offer to deliver them for her and uncover the blackmailer.

Go to the Markets and speak to Morlan about Dr. Michel. After a brief conversation, the real blackmailer, a krogan, steps in and says "I told Banes you'd screw this up." The krogan will then confront you.

Choosing "You should reconsider." (Charm skill level 6) results in 8 Paragon points.
Choosing "Let's work this out." results in 2 Paragon points and a fight.
Choosing "No deal." results in a fight.
Choosing "Kill him." results in 2 Renegade points and a fight.
Choosing "Talk and you're dead!" (Intimidate skill level 3) results in 9 Renegade points.

Return to Dr. Michel; she will give you a discount on her medical goods, and pay about twice the price of anything you sell to her. There is also then the option to ask her about Armistan Banes.

Mass Effect 2 Consequences Edit

If completed successfully, in Mass Effect 2, Shepard will receive an email from Dr. Michel in which she expresses how happy she is to hear that the Commander is alive, and asks if Shepard and Garrus can drop by for a visit.

Enemy Edit

This assignment can lead to UNC: Missing Marines
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