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Dr. Bryson is working on a classified project and needs help. Contact him in his lab on the Citadel.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Priority: Palaven

Check Commander Shepard's private terminal for a message from Admiral Hackett ordering Shepard to assist Dr. Garret Bryson as soon as possible.

Urgent message from Admiral Hackett

Commander, there's an Alliance researcher working on the Citadel named Dr. Garret Bryson. I need you to meet with him right away.

Dr. Bryson has uncovered important new information about Reapers that could have a direct bearing on the war. I'm officially directing you to support his efforts at the first possible opportunity. Please visit Bryson's laboratory on the Citadel at once.

Travel to the Citadel and select Dr. Bryson's Lab to begin this mission. On the galaxy map, this mission is labelled "Meet Dr. Bryson".

Walkthrough Edit

ME3 Garneau artifact
At Dr. Bryson's lab on the Citadel, speak with him about Task Force Aurora and his investigations of myths about the Reapers. Before he can reveal his latest discovery, however, his assistant Derek Hadley shoots him dead.

A Paragon interrupt presents itself - taking or not taking it is purely dependent on player opinion. C-Sec is contacted and arrives at the scene shortly afterward, where you then interrogate Hadley. Another interrupt, Renegade this time, can be taken, which has consequences on dialogue only.

Meanwhile, EDI also arrives and pores through Dr. Bryson's research. It is implied that Hadley has been indoctrinated and he eventually falls down unconscious. EDI plays a message between Bryson and Hackett for Shepard from the computer's logs. It appears Shepard is the help that was requested. Upon completion of the playback, the next mission is triggered.

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