Film director Solik Vass is looking for inspirational footage to be used in a film to raise morale for the war effort. Find footage on the Citadel and return to Vass at the refugee camp.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Solik Vass at the Citadel Docks security checkpoint.

Walkthrough Edit

After Solik presents his requests, there are four photo opportunity locations you need to take in the docks. You only need to take 3 photos.

  • At the Memorial Wall where a salarian is consoling a grieving human woman.
  • The area between Bay E24 and Bay E26, where a woman is having a conversation with a male human/batarian.
  • The area between Bay E26 and Bay E28, where James is playing cards with three other players.
  • Cargo Hold: B, where there's a woman and a batarian laying down (near refugee camp doctor).
Citadel - photo op 2b
There are also four other photo opportunity areas located at the crates in the Memorial Hall, a turian security officer at Bay E26, a turian security officer at Bay E24 and a turian using a vending machine between Bay E26 and Bay E24. However, these are unsuitable for Solik's film and he will ask you to look for other photo opportunities.

After taking the photos, return to Solik and give him the footage. You will receive 5 reputation, 210 experience and 5000 credits.

Bugs Edit

  • There appears to be a glitch or a limit to the available photo opportunities where the option do not appear at the players playing poker. To resolve the issue, reload to a save game before the mission and do not take any unsuitable footage as mentioned above but go directly to the three locations instead.
  • Saving (after taking at least one correct photo) and then loading the specific save will cause all other photo opportunities to disappear. To resolve the issue, reload a save game prior to taking the first photo. Taking an incorrect photo before the save will result in only the incorrect photo opportunities disappearing.
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