Kargesh, a krogan on Level 27 of the Zakera Ward market, would like to taste fish from the lakes of the Presidium.

Kargesh and Rukar

Acquisition Edit

Walk past two krogan (Kargesh and Rukar) on Level 27 and overhear their discussion of whether there are fish on the Presidium.

Walkthrough Edit

Go upstairs to the Dark Star Lounge on Level 28. A turian Presidium Groundskeeper can be found on the right side of the club. Talk to him and ask if there are fish in the lakes. He will explain that the lakes are reservoirs that provide water for the Presidium. The only place that he knows where to find fish on the Citadel is the Citadel Souvenirs store. Shepard can return to the krogan and tell them there are no fish to complete the assignment and gain 5 Paragon points. Alternatively, Shepard can complete the assignment by going to the nearby Citadel Souvenirs store, buy any of the fish, and then sell it to Kargesh, claiming it came from the Presidium, much to the krogan's delight. Shepard earns 5 Renegade points for the lie.

Note: You still have to talk to the Presidium Groundskeeper to lie about the fish.

Mission Summary Edit

  • Experience reward: 40 (50)
  • Credits: 1,000

Trivia Edit

  • In Mass Effect, talking to Wrex on the Presidium may sometimes prompt him to say, "I could use a snack. Think there's any fish out in that lake?"
  • The Krogan briefly mention that an Urdnot was allowed in the Council Chambers once, a reference to the time that Wrex was Shepard's squadmate in Mass Effect, and spoke with the Council.
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