Before he died, Dr. Bryson requested help to locate Leviathan, a mysterious Reaper killer. Search Bryson's lab for clues.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Citadel: Dr. Bryson

This mission automatically follows after the previous mission's cutscenes.

Walkthrough Edit

Investigate objects in Dr. Bryson's Lab for clues. First, check the audio log on the table next to EDI, which leads to the galaxy map search program. As you explore the lab, certain objects will supply search filters to use on the galaxy map program to narrow down the location of Leviathan.

Leviathan I - galaxy map
A complete search of the lab and the upstairs bedroom will turn up six different filters: Blackout Crimes, Creature Sightings, Rachni Activity, Locations with Element Zero, Prothean Activities, and Reaper Activities. Only one filter needs to be selected for Shepard to be able to leave the lab and explore possible Leviathan sites around the galaxy, but you can opt to use additional filters to tighten the search.

Using the Creature Sightings, Locations with Element Zero, and Reaper Activities filters simultaneously will pinpoint the correct location; the Blackout Crimes, Prothean Activities, and Rachni Activity filters are irrelevant and will confound the search, so keep them disabled. Using the three correct filters at once, without the incorrect filters, will net you the "Conspiracy Theorist" achievement.

Activating a filter yields 60 XP each. If you have already determined Garneau's location, feel free to check out the others for additional experience.

While searching the lab, be sure to collect the Weapon Mods: with the lab behind you, the Pistol Cranial Trauma System mod is in the far left corner of the balcony; the SMG High-Velocity Barrel is across from the X3M/Rapid Transit; the Pistol Ultralight Materials mod is next to a tree on the right side of the balcony; while the SMG Recoil System is on a shelf near the rachni information in the second room.

With the investigation complete, depart the lab and begin the next mission.

Datapad Edit

The Thorian -- August 17, 2185

The Thorian, a life form discovered on Feros, provides fascinating insight into the lifecycle of a truly alien species. Unlike conventionally intelligent life, it does not use mass relays; Prothean artifacts would not interest it.

Commander Shepard claims that "Reaper enemies" cultivated life to evolve along lines they could predict, using technology the Reapers controlled. The Thorian is an exception to that rule: it evolved to use organic tools rather than conventional technology.

Leviathan must be somehow similar to have survived undetected for so long. The Thorian used pain conditioning to control its victims, using them as manual labor--or even as a man would use his own hands and fingers. Commander Shepard claims that Reapers do the same thing through a different process called "indoctrination". Whatever Leviathan is, it must do something similar.

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