Ann Bryson offers the only chance to track down Leviathan. Meet her on the Citadel, and gain her help.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Namakli: Leviathan

This mission is automatically acquired upon completion of the prerequisite.

Walkthrough Edit

Meet a grieving Ann upstairs in her father's lab. After some conversation, speak to Ann downstairs. Continue following her around the lab as she reminisces about her father and relates the research that they had found.

Jimmy vega and the head
Along the way, be sure to speak to James Vega, standing near Dr. Bryson's husk head experiment. Continue interacting with Vega until he asks if he can take the experiment with him, then interact with the experiment and choose whether or not to have it delivered to the Normandy's cabin.

Eventually, Ann will come to the conclusion that Leviathan can be tracked using the signal it sends through its artifacts to enthrall people. She will volunteer to let Leviathan take control of her while EDI traces the signal. During the trace, Shepard can use a Renegade interrupt twice to continue Ann's exposure and produce Leviathan's exact location, but this will result in Ann's incapacitation and preclude her becoming a War Asset. Neither interrupt needs to be used in order to begin the next mission.

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