Citadel ME1 SLI - Flux and Wards Access
Mr. Keeler, an Alliance negotiator, has asked you to get him a legal but regulated stimulant in order to improve his performance in an important upcoming treaty negotiation.

Acquisition Edit

When Captain Anderson summons you to meet him at Flux, a diplomat will be waiting on the right of the entrance (near Schells, if his assignment has not been dealt with). Speak with him.

Walkthrough Edit

Keeler is a negotiator who says he desperately needs a mental stimulant for an important negotiation with the salarians. After talking to Keeler, it becomes apparent that he's an addict.

Keeler claims he has to be there for the negotiations, or his assistant Thomas Kent will take over. Keeler labels Kent as an alien sympathiser who will bend over backwards to accommodate the Citadel races; Keeler thinks humans need to be more aggressive and show the salarians who's in charge.

Elias keeler eyebags mugshot
There are a few ways through this assignment:
  • Talk him out of it. You can Charm him for 8 Paragon points if you have at least 8 Charm, or Intimidate him for 2 Renegade points if you have at least 7 Intimidate. Keeler will leave to get treatment and let Kent take over.
  • Go to the Med Clinic, pick up the stim, and bring it back to him. He'll take his stim and, if you talked him into getting treatment after the sessions are complete, you get 2 Paragon points. Otherwise, no points are awarded.
  • Tell him you'll help, go to the clinic, buy the depressant (a sedative) from Dr. Michel and give it to him. Keeler will quickly become drowsy and insult you before staggering off. Results in 9 Renegade points.

Riding the elevator later on, you may hear a news story about how the negotiations went (and who conducted them). If you give Keeler the stimulant the report will state that the negotiation will bring billions of credits to the Alliance, though the Salarian Union complains of "unreasonable requests and hardline tactics". If Keeler is given the depressant or convinced to get treatment immediately, the Salarian Union will be impressed by his assistant's efforts to work with the salarians and find mutually beneficial courses of action.

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