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Law enforcement vs. religion, 2183 edition

A turian C-Sec officer and a religious hanar are arguing about whether the hanar has the right to preach in the Presidium. Evidently the hanar is supposed to buy an evangelical permit, but has refused to do so.


Prerequisite: Citadel: Expose Saren

After hearing the Citadel Council initially dismiss the charges against Saren Arterius, you can obtain this assignment by overhearing the argument between the C-Sec officer and the hanar. They are on the Citadel Presidium, near the Wards Access corridor, on the way to the Citadel Tower and the Relay Monument.


C-Sec thug vs. the original big stupid jellyfish

The C-Sec officer tells Commander Shepard that the hanar is a troublemaker. It is trying to preach on the Presidium, which is not a designated preaching area, and it doesn't have a permit. The C-Sec officer claims he is working to keep religious fanatics from bothering the public on the Presidium. The hanar counters by saying it isn't preaching, it is merely stating the truth about the 'Enkindlers' and the truth doesn't need a permit.

Once you've heard both sides of the story, you must decide who to help. A simple answer is to just buy a permit for the hanar to leave and preach legally elsewhere; this costs 150 credits and results in no morality gain. Otherwise Shepard can Charm or Intimidate the officer or the hanar to make one of them leave. You get omni-gel from making the hanar leave, or medi-gel packs for making the officer leave, along with the points and XP.

  • Make the hanar leave.
  • Choosing the Charm (Req. 4) or Intimidate option (Req. 7) results in 8-9 Paragon or Renegade points.
You can challenge the hanar's argument and ask if the Enkindlers would really want the hanar to break society's laws to spread their message, wanting to know if this is a worthy use of their gift of language. The hanar eventually agrees and leaves. The C-Sec officer thanks Shepard for the help and offers a reward.
  • Make the officer leave.
  • Choosing the Charm (Req. 7) or Intimidate option (Req. 4) results in 8-9 Paragon or Renegade points.
The C-Sec officer is getting increasingly irritated with the hanar, but when Shepard asks if anyone has actually complained about the hanar's preaching, he's forced to admit that no one seems upset by it. After some persuasion he leaves, and the hanar rewards Shepard. It then continues to preach about the Enkindlers to passers-by.


Sometimes if you talk to the officer first, and then talk to the hanar and have him leave peacefully, the officer will not initiate the reward and you have to talk to him yourself. If you do not he disappears and the assignment cannot be completed.