A reporter named Emily Wong has asked you for help uncovering corruption on the Citadel.

Alternative journal entry:
You found an OSD containing information about Fist's illegal activities. Someone will likely want to get their hands on this information.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Citadel: Expose Saren

Shortly after your first audience with the Citadel Council, you will be allowed into the Upper Wards. Here, near the stairs leading to Flux, a reporter named Emily Wong will wave you down. Wong tells you that she is investigating crime and corruption on the Citadel, and asks you to look out for any information that may help with her investigation.

If Wong wasn't interacted with prior to dealing with Fist, the assignment is acquired on obtaining the OSD.

Walkthrough Edit

CIT Reporters Request
After you have met up with Garrus Vakarian, Urdnot Wrex, or optionally both, you will storm Chora's Den looking for Fist, the owner of the Den and a former agent of the Shadow Broker. After defeating Fist, a data disk, Fist's OSD, will be left on the floor. While just after defeating Fist you will need to race to rescue a quarian, you will still be able to get into Fist's office later to retrieve the OSD if necessary.

Bring it to Wong in the Wards for a reward; if you talked to her before going after Fist, a Charm or an Intimidate option will add more credits. Denying Wong the OSD completes the assignment, but doesn't yield any rewards.

Bugs Edit

Failing to talk to Emily Wong before raiding Chora's Den and acquiring the OSD from Fist, could result in Wong not being present on the wards, and therefore make it impossible for you to complete the assignment.

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