Xeltan's complaint - dramatis personae
General Septimus agreed to stop spreading rumors about the Asari Consort. He mentioned an elcor named Xeltan, who believed the rumors and has taken the false information to the Elcor Ambassador. Septimus asked you to tell Xeltan the truth.


Prerequisite: Citadel: Asari Consort

After you speak with Septimus and convince him to stop spreading lies about Sha'ira, he asks if you're interested in doing a small job for him. He then tells you about Xeltan and asks you to tell him the truth to exonerate Sha'ira. While Xeltan may be spoken to before dealing with Sha'ira and Septimus, doing so will not trigger the assignment.


Septimus will give you a datapad with proof of Sha'ira's innocence; all you need to do is find Xeltan and give it to him. Xeltan can be found in the elcor embassy talking with Ambassador Calyn.

You will receive experience and credits whichever way you end your dialogue with Xeltan. If you choose to assure him with "Don't worry.", you receive an additional 2 Paragon points.

Note: If you do this assignment before returning to Sha'ira, you will receive an extra reward from her.

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