A fan has delivered a challenge. Fight in the Armax Arsenal Arena without using medi-gel.

Acquisition Edit

After completing one match, check the Combat Sim Controls in the Armax Combat Arena to read the following e-mail:

This one is on to you

From: BlastoFan17485

Commander Shepard,

This one has noticed your rise on the leaderboards. It is certain you did not beat this one's score through legitimate play. No human has done so without illicit performance enhancements.

This one knows how you have avoided detection. Your medi-gel contains blood oxygenators to combat fatigue. This one thinks if you entered a match without medi-gel, you would get a metaphorical foot covering lodged in your posterior. This one dares you to enter the simulator with such a restriction--otherwise it will tell its acquaintances you are a consumable flightless bird.

The One and Only BlastoFan

Walkthrough Edit

You will first need to purchase the "No Medi-gel" match modifier from the prize kiosks. It is a silver level prize. Then simply set a match against any enemy and difficulty with the modifier and complete the combat simulation. This challenge is not mutually exclusive with other arena challenges and can be completed in the same match as other challenges, e.g. Citadel Arena: Geth Challenge or Citadel Arena: Spin Zone Elite Challenge.

After completing it, check the Combat Sim Controls to read an e-mail from the fan who issued the challenge.

This one eats its cranial covering

From: BlastoFan17485

Commander Shepard,

This one did not think it possible, but it is willing to say your victory in the simulator is legitimate. This one and an acquaintance watch the video feeds and reviewed the biometric information. After considerable argument, it concedes that your vital signs never smoothed out as if performance enhancers were used.

Now this one is wondering if you would enjoy a correspondence about tactical circumstances. It has found getting kill steaks on the Reaper super elites challenging.

Cordially interested,

The One and Only BlastoFan

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