A fan has requested a special match. Complete a match in the Armax Arsenal Arena in which extra thermal clips do not spawn.

Acquisition Edit

After completing some matches, check the Combat Sim Controls in the Armax Combat Arena to read the following e-mail:

I'm betting on you!

From: Hoshichiri Saburo

Commander Shepard:

We're big fans of yours out on the asteroid belts, and we're working double-time to try to get the raw materials out for the war effort. I was hoping you could settle a bet we're having.

The issue is thermal clips. A friend of mine says they're the worst thing to happen to our military in fifty years. They take time to reload, creat effective ammo shortages, blah blah blah. I say if you can conserve shots and use biotics or omni-tool weapons, "ammo" shortages don't mean squat.

Can you do a match where there aren't thermal clips lying around? Against these big bad Collector things we're hearing about now? I can totally cut you in for half the bet if you do.

In for the win,

Walkthrough Edit

Select "No Thermal Clips" as a modifier from the Combat Simulator Control terminal. You'll need to purchase the modifier from your previous match winnings—it is a silver level prize. Though Saburo requested Collectors as the enemy, it is not required. The other settings are up to you—since most challenges are not mutually exclusive, you could conceivably finish other nonconflicting arena challenges at the same time, e.g. Citadel Arena: Prothean Challenge and/or Citadel Arena: Spin Zone Elite Challenge.

This challenge becomes easy if you choose to use the newly acquired M-7 Lancer or, if you have one, Particle Rifle because both have unlimited reserve ammo.

After the match, check the terminal again for the follow-up e-mail. You'll receive 5000 credits and +2 Reputation for completing the mission.

RE: I'm betting on you!

From: Hoshichiri Saburo

Commander Shepard:

I knew you could do it! You should have seen their faces! It was like those stages of grief; they got quieter and quieter as the match went on. At the end, they were muttering, "Well, sure, but that's Commander Shepard, there's got to be an exception..." Thanks again, and as promised, here's your cut.


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