Inventory Item Price / Discounted
ModelSSV Normandy 500 / 416
ModelDestiny Ascension 500 / 416
* ModelSovereign 500 / 416
Illium Skald Fish 500 / 416
* Thessian Sunfish 500 / 416
Space Hamster 9,200 / 7,666

* Requires completion of Horizon (mission)

The Citadel Souvenirs is a shop located in the Citadel, situated in Zakera Ward's Mid-Wards District, on the 27th level of a building. This store is renowned for its fine line of model starships and souvenirs. Deleia Sanassi, an asari shopkeeper, manages the store. Proceeds from the purchase of items are allocated to a general fund for the maintenance of the station which owns the store.

Discount Edit

Commander Shepard can obtain a discount at the store by convincing the shopkeeper or by talking to her after being reinstated as a Spectre.

Trivia Edit

  • The music playing inside the Citadel Souvenirs store is originally from SimCity 4.
  • On the map for the Citadel, the store is identified as "Citadel Souvenirs (S)". S is short-hand for store.
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