Clancy Arquist is a dock worker on the Nexus that Pathfinder Ryder meets on Eos. He conducts illicit salvaging operations on the side.

Clancy is discovered hiding in Site 1: Promise's power relay station, having turned off the power to the whole site due to anticipated kett patrols. He mistakes the Pathfinder's team to be fellow scavengers when they come knocking, though that's corrected in short order. He explains why it's a bad idea to restore power, though Ryder can convince him otherwise.

Once the kett investigate and are dealt with by the Pathfinder's team, Clancy lets them into the relay station to do whatever they need. He advises the team they'll need a vehicle if they are to venture outside Site 1, and there's one in storage nearby. He tried to loot it himself, though he reckons a Pathfinder might have an easier time getting it.

Clancy provides merchant services. One of his clients is Pelessaria B'Sayle, known to him as "Crazy Blue". Ryder can see his wares if not immediately advised to head to safety. In the aftermath of their meeting, Clancy can be found near his shuttle as Site 1's sole known inhabitant. He sells weapons and consumables.

Trivia Edit

  • In the aftermath of the meeting in the power station Clancy's model can be seen both there AND by his shuttle, making him in two places at once. Only the one by the shuttle can be talked to afterward for merchant transactions.
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