Claude Menneau is a candidate for leadership of the Terra Firma party in 2173 after Inez Simmons resigned due to the Nashan Stellar Dynamics kickback scandal. Menneau has two bodyguards, Pel and Keo, and travels in his own private vessel with a pilot, Paul Grayson. According to Grayson, Menneau is a charismatic figure in public, but not necessarily a likeable man in person. He is leading in the polls by three points ahead of Charles Saracino when he mysteriously disappears, along with his vessel and bodyguards.

In fact, the Illusive Man, head of Cerberus, has decided that Saracino is the man he wants to head Terra Firma. Pel and Paul Grayson are actually Cerberus operatives planted to shadow Menneau and watch for an opportunity to take him out. While Menneau is en route to Shanxi, asleep in his cabin, Pel puts his plan into action: while Grayson takes care of Keo, Pel sneaks into Menneau's cabin and kills him. The ship, along with bodies of Keo and Menneau, are disposed of and Menneau's body is presumably never found, though theories and rumours about his disappearance run riot for a number of years. In the meantime, Charles Saracino ascends to the party leadership unopposed.

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