Clint "Black Eye" Darragh is the infamous leader of a pirate band in the Nemean Abyss. He presumably got his nickname due to his missing eye.

Black Eye Enemy
Jacob Taylor first encounters Darragh on Cartagena Station, where he is told by a C-Pat officer that Darragh and his pirates are holding hostages in a bar called "The Fringe".

Jacob convinces the patrol officer to allow him through the barricade, with the understanding that he would help deal with the pirates. After defeating the bulk of Darragh's forces, Jacob finally confronts the leader directly.

"Black Eye" immediately warns Jacob to stop advancing, or risk being filled full of holes. Jacob can either simply open fire on Darragh or convince him to surrender. In either scenario, the conflict ends with Darragh being taken into custody by C-Pat officers.

Tactics Edit

  • Black Eye looks similar to a Pirate Elite but has stronger shields and health. His shields will begin to regenerate 1.5 seconds after being disabled, but his health will not.
  • He will attack from short to medium range with his assault rifles. As other pirates, he lacks any special attacks.
  • Your powers are effective against him. Your Overload will instantly disable his shields while your Stasis will immobilize him for a short time.
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