The Cobra Missile Launcher is a heavy weapon in Mass Effect 3.

Description Edit

Though it looks identical to the M-560 Hydra, the Cobra is a single shot launcher that fires a missile directly at the target. It is powerful enough to destroy a target on contact and has a small area of effect.

Acquisition Edit

  • Single-player: N/A
  • Multiplayer: The Cobra Missile Launcher is given to all players at the beginning of matches, provided that the player has missiles in supply. Players initially begin with two launchers per match. Purchasing item packs can replenish missile supply and also award capacity boosts.

Player Notes Edit

  • The Cobra deals very high damage, even higher than the M-920 Cain, while still firing faster. It can kill any enemy in the game with one hit on any difficulty.
  • Since the multiplayer update of July 24, 2012, the Cobra fires instantly when the player pulls the trigger.[1]
  • The downside to the Cobra is its limited missile supply. Choose your targets carefully.
  • The Cobra has a deceptively large splash damage radius: it is easily capable of taking out several enemies with one missile. Therefore, the Cobra is best used for clusters of very powerful enemies such as Atlases and Banshees, or desperate situations where the mission is likely to fail if the missile is not used.
  • Taking the splash damage into mind, firing at the ground near the intended target rather than at the target itself is a good strategy if the target is moving or if the player is under heavy fire, which can throw off their aim. Hitting any other type of surface, such as a wall or ceiling, works just as well.
    • The Cobra's splash damage does not hurt the player or their allies: one can fire at one's own feet when surrounded in order to wipe out a room of enemies.
    • The Banshee's teleport distance appears to be longer than the splash radius of the Cobra, meaning that shots fired at a charging Banshee's current location are almost certain to miss. Accordingly, players should wait until a Banshee stops charging before firing the Cobra.
  • Killing enemies with the Cobra yields significantly less XP than taking them out conventionally.

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