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Technology: Combat Simulator[]

In the absence of realistic terrain or equipment, military organizations will often make use of a combat simulator as a method of training soldiers for varied combat environments.

Holographic projectors are used to create visual representations of opponents and obstacles. Kinetic barriers are then cast to prevent participants from passing through the obstacles and terrain. Kinetic barriers are also used to simulate weapon damage and shockwaves. However, while most trainers agree that pain is the best teacher, all government-sponsored combat simulators are required to make use of extensive safety protocols to prevent any serious, permanent damage to participants.

Technology: Pinnacle Station[]

Pinnacle Station is a turian space station that has been retrofitted as a military training facility by the Council. Invitees participate in a series of simulated combat encounters and compete against other participants.

Technology: Prefabricated Structures[]

When colonizing a planet, corporations will often make use of prefabricated, or 'pre-fab' structures to quickly and easily deploy a base of operations. These residential structures feature full living quarters and a large solarium from which residents may observe the planet's surface.

While most human colonies have the support of the Alliance military or some corporate-sponsored defense contractor, many civilian colonists choose to keep a small stock of armaments in their home. These weapons are a last resort, but are often critical to staving off a pirate attack until support arrives.