Cole is a human farmer on Eden Prime.

Cole had a small stake in a local smuggling ring: his contact, Powell, paid him to store packages in his sheds. When the attack began, Cole and two other farmers, including a man named Blake, were working the crops. They saw the giant ship touch down and ran for the shed, hoping to find something of use in the smuggled packages. They were forced to lock themselves in to hide from the fighting outside.

After Commander Shepard's squad eliminates the remaining hostiles in the area, Shepard can decrypt the security lock and meet Cole. He gives a description of the ship and reports of a horrible noise that was emanating from it, which strangely sounded like "it was coming from inside your own head". After talking to him, Blake will suggest that Cole "give [the soldiers] the stuff", much to Cole's annoyance.

Shepard can persuade Cole to hand over an upgrade in addition to the pistol that he found, and even provide the name of his contact at the docks.

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