The Collective are a splinter faction of the Outlaws encountered in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

MEA - Collective logo

Logo of the Collective.

Few verifiable reports of the Collective exist beyond Kadara Port. They claim the Collective is a spy network of Milky Way outlaws and angara who use blackmail, espionage, smuggling, and hacking to gain leverage on Kadara. The Collective promotes any who has the skill to prove their worth whereas the Outcasts seems to empower only those who has a positive rapport with Sloane Kelly.

The Collective is said to be led by "the Charlatan." No reliable data is available on this individual's identity, but the Charlatan has been quietly amassing influence since the Hyperion arrived in Andromeda. Those who cross the Charlatan are dealt with ruthlessly. The organization is run incognito, with the Charlatan's orders being relayed by his representatives. Even the representatives have never met the Charlatan face to face. So long as the Charlatan's objectives are met, the Charlatan is hands off in the running of each Collective cell. This has allowed the Collective members to take liberties in the running of their organization, including the abducting and torturing of alleged enemies who endanger their syndicate.

Intercepted transmissions show that the Outcasts consider the Collective's growing power a threat to their own position. The Outcasts' focus has shifted from harrying Nexus trade convoys to arms deals, putting them on a war footing. The Collective's response has been less public, but many Outcast supporters have lost their fortunes or disappeared without a trace.

There are numerous types of Collective enemies that are very similar to the Outlaw versions of enemies that Pathfinder Ryder can encounter as enemies during gameplay.

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