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Collector Assassins are the long-range marksmen of the Collectors.



Assassins are armed with the Collector Particle Beam, which has an extremely high rate of fire and will tear through shields and barriers with ease.


Assassins have a light biotic barrier, which becomes stronger on higher difficulties. Their Particle Beams are not susceptible to overheating effects from powers such as Overload and Flashbang Grenade.


  • Collector Assassins are almost always in cover and far away, usually behind other Collector troops. They use their Collector Particle Beams as sniper rifles, firing them in long bursts to pulverize their enemy. When working in tandem with Harbinger, the Assassin is particularly deadly; its Particle Beam will keep you pinned down while Harbinger closes in, allowing him to hit you with his cover-breaking attack, thus opening you up to lethal Collector fire. As such, you may consider prioritizing Assassins, especially before Harbinger shows up.
  • Counter-sniping, Pull-Throw or Pull-Warp combos, and Incendiary Ammo are all useful for interrupting or killing the Assassin after its barrier has been stripped. Reave is particularly useful, possessing the ability to strip an Assassin's barrier as well as flush an unprotected Assassin out of cover or temporarily halt their fire with its stun effect.
  • Assassins are prime targets for Dominate due to their high damage output and position in the rear of Collector ranks, forcing other Collector troops to turn away from Shepard's squad to face the new threat. However, the Assassin's barrier must first be eliminated before it can be mind-controlled.
  • Like all Collector troops, Collector Assassins are susceptible to possession by Harbinger.
  • The Vanguard can Charge to get to grips with Assassins quickly, and Charge will not only do bonus damage to its barrier but the impact will stagger it, providing an opening to finish it off with 1-2 shotgun blasts. However, Assassins rarely appear alone, so this tactic is highly situational.