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Disambiguous This article is about an enemy encountered in Mass Effect 3. For the possessed form, see Possessed Captain.

The Collector Captain is a Collector unit encountered in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer with the Retaliation Pack DLC. They also appear in combat simulations in the Armax Arsenal Arena in the Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC.



Collector Captains are armed with Collector Assault Rifles. They deploy Seeker Swarms to provide support on the battlefield. Much like Collector Troopers, they can use organic blades for melee attacks as well as instantly kill downed players with a stomp.

Like other Collector opponents, the Captain can be possessed, gaining additional durability and offensive power.


Collector Captains will often take cover during combat. They have moderate health and barriers. Like other Mass Effect 3 enemies, they can be staggered by gunfire or powers if unprotected by barriers, and they receive 40% additional damage from headshots.


  • Captains are comparable to other "commander" infantry types such as Marauders and Centurions, but they are tougher and more aggressive than either. They have a tendency to advance straight at your position while firing long bursts from their rifles that can overwhelm you quickly.
  • Captains are extremely single-minded and persistent in attempting to stomp on downed players, and they will usually head to a downed player without delay if one falls.
  • Collector Captains are dangerous in melee range. Their melee attack staggers players, allowing them or nearby units to follow up with gunfire.
  • The Collectors always strike and deal damage with their melee blades twice; a batarian's Blade Armor will cause the Captain to stagger back after dealing their first blow, thus preventing them from dealing the full damage of both strikes. This allows a batarian a good close quarters advantage against the Collectors over other races.
  • Captains are most vulnerable while in the middle of creating Seeker Swarms: for several seconds, they will double over, helpless, while the Swarm emerges. This is the ideal time to attack them, since they are incapable of dodging or retaliating until the swarm emerges. If they are killed quickly enough, this can even prevent the swarm from appearing.