Disambiguous This article is about the Collector enemy in Mass Effect 2. For the Cerberus unit in Mass Effect 3, see Guardian.
Collector Guardians are elite Collector combatants.

Capabilities Edit


Guardians possess the Collector Assault Rifle, which they can arm with Warp Ammo. Their weapons utilize a burst-fire mode similar to M-15 Vindicators which can be devastating to your shields and biotic barriers on higher difficulties.


Guardians have strong biotic barriers and can deploy Hex Shields.

Tactics Edit

  • Collector Guardians are the only Collectors capable of regenerating their barriers. As such, it is advisable to ensure that a Guardian is slain quickly once its barrier drops, not giving it a chance to replenish its defenses.
  • Like all other Collector soldiers, Guardians can be possessed by Harbinger.
  • The Guardian's weapon is powerful, accurate, and equipped with Warp Ammo. On higher difficulties, they can deplete your shields in a single burst.
  • Guardians can shoot through their own ballistic shields.
  • Their ballistic shields do not block Reave, thus making it an effective power when fighting them.
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