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The Collector Trooper is a Collector unit added in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer with the Retaliation Pack DLC. They also appear in combat simulations in the Armax Arsenal Arena in the Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC.



Collector Troopers are equipped with Collector SMGs for ranged combat, but can use organic blades for melee. They can also throw Frag Grenades at their enemies, often to flush them out of cover.

Like other Collector opponents, the Trooper can be possessed, gaining additional durability and offensive abilities.


Collector Troopers have a moderate amount of health, and will frequently take cover. They can also perform combat rolls to avoid attacks. Like other Mass Effect 3's enemies, they can be staggered by powers or gunfire, and will take 40% additional damage from headshots.


General Tactics

  • With their relatively weak health, most tactics you use for a Cerberus Assault Trooper will work just as well for Collector Troopers. They are not to be underestimated, however, as compared to their Geth, Reaper, and Cerberus counterparts, they tend to lay down greater volumes of fire and have slightly higher health. Take caution when engaging Collector Troopers individually as they are usually accompanied by a Collector Captain or a much deadlier foe, such as a Scion or Praetorian.
  • The Collector Trooper's weapon tracers are light gray, making them very hard to see. It's very possible to be taking fire from one without noticing, which can turn a casual hop from cover to cover into a very bad idea.
  • The Collectors always strike and deal damage with their melee blades twice; a batarian's Blade Armor will cause the Trooper to stagger back after dealing their first blow, thus preventing them from dealing the full damage of both strikes. This allows a batarian a good close quarters advantage against the Collectors over other races.