Taunted by the Director, Randall stumbles into the X1 Research Wing and becomes acquainted with the facility's oldest subject.

Number of checkpoints: 1

Walkthrough Edit

Randall faces X1
After his run into the X1 Wing, Randall Ezno arrives into a little area to fight against the first major boss of the game. This boss is the test subject X1, a mutated krogan with significant genetic and cybernetic augmentation in addition to a massive frame. X1 has also been enhanced with energy weapon gauntlets and in-built shield generators.

The key for success and "Veteran" final ranking is to deal a lot of damage to his armour rapidly and relentlessly: an evolved M-333 Particle Beam is the best way to achieve a decent damage output. When the damage is done, X1 will stagger and show his back, providing an opportunity to shoot at his shield generators. Do not wait and destroy them as soon as possible. You will need to repeat this several times.

Randall trapped with X1
After a while, the Director will talk to Randall during his fight through the screen. Randall replies to the Director but the walls close in around Randall and X1, locking them in a smaller room. The fight starts again and X1 can break these walls and enwiden the battlefield.

The second part of the combat is similar to the first part. However, you must wait until X1 destroys at least one part of the wall in order to escape it. Secondly, X1 will charge you, although this attack doesn't deal too much damage, you still need to focus on your damage output in order to keep staggering him. When his shields are down, unleash all your damage output as fast as you can in order to quickly finish the fight.

When Randall finally defeats the modified krogan, he runs to the Communications Relay in order to contact the Alliance.

Enemies Edit

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