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Disambiguous This article is about the enemy created by Geth Primes and opposing engineers in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. For the power, see Combat Drone. For the enemy created by CAT6 Specialists in Mass Effect 3, see Disruption Drone. For drones generally, see Drones.

Mass Effect 2[]

Combat Drones are deployed by Geth Primes and enemy engineers in Mass Effect 2.



Combat Drones only have a close-range shock attack, which will stun the player if allowed to connect.


Combat Drones only have minimal health. AI Hacking will not turn them against other enemies, though it can get them to stop attacking the player or allies.


  • These drones are very easy to destroy at any range and their attacks are weak, so they aren't much of a threat on their own (though they do move quickly making them hard to track at times). However they can be very dangerous if you are under heavy fire as their electric shock attack knocks you out of cover.
  • If available, Overload or Energy Drain kill them instantly, as do melee attacks though being in melee range risks being hit by the drone in return.
  • Most enemies and Shepard's squadmates usually announce when an enemy drone is deployed and they also make quiet but distinct electronic noises so listen as well as watch for them.
  • Enemy drones at all difficulty levels spontaneously dissipate after successfully landing an attack.

Mass Effect 3[]

Combat Drones are an enemy unit in Mass Effect 3. Geth Primes deploy Combat Drones to serve as a distraction on the battlefield.



Combat Drones possess a short-ranged shock attack and a long-ranged rocket attack. Both attacks deal very low damage but may stun a target for volleys from the Geth Prime that spawned the Drone.


As opposed to Mass Effect 2, Combat Drones now only have shields. These shields are very weak, so the drones can be dispatched readily with gunfire and tech powers. Drones have timed life and will also quickly dissipate if the Geth Prime that summoned them is destroyed.


  • Overload can destroy a Combat Drone instantly. It may be useful to upgrade Overload to where it can jump between two enemies and damage them. This way, the player can target the more dangerous nearby enemy, most likely a Geth Prime, and the attack can jump to and destroy the Combat Drone without any additional effort.
  • Since a Combat Drone will often be in close proximity to the Geth Prime that summoned it, Engineers can use Incinerate and follow it up with Overload or Energy Drain to cause an entertaining and effective Fire Explosion.
  • It is possible for an Engineer to distract a Combat Drone by deploying another Combat Drone; the enemy Drone may engage the player-controlled Drone instead of the player and any allies.
  • If used against a Combat Drone, Tactical Scan will kill them instead of causing its normal effects.
  • Drones can be hacked with Sabotage, however they are so fragile that they won't last long under enemy fire.
  • Stasis has no effect on drones even though they are not armored.